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300-Level Undergraduate Course Timetables and Descriptions

Most English 300-series courses are open to students who have obtained standing in 4.0 FCE, including 2.0 ENG FCE. Please note that prerequisites and exclusions will be strictly enforced. For room locations and up to date information, please see the Arts and Science Timetable at

Course Description

Course Title



ENG300Y1Y - L0101


T1-3, R1


ENG303H1F - L0101 


M2-4, W2 

J. Rogers

ENG306Y1Y - L5101  

Poetry & Prose, 1660-1800 


A. Hernandez 

ENG308Y1Y - L0101 

Romantic Literature

 M2-4, W2


ENG308Y1Y - L0201

Romantic Literature

T1-3, R1

A. Bewell

ENG311H1S - L0101

Medieval Literature

T10, R10-12


ENG320Y1Y - L0101


T1-2, R1-3

L. Magnusson

ENG322Y1Y - L0101

The Rise of the Novel

T1-3, R2 

T. Keymer

ENG323H1F - L0101

Austen and Her Contemporaries

T2-4, R2 

M. Johnstone

ENG323H1S - L0101

Austen and Her Contemporaries


Alan Bewell 

ENG324Y1Y - L5101

The Victorian Novel


A. Jaffe

ENG328Y1Y - L0101

Modern Fiction

M11, W11-1

A. Hammond

ENG330H1F - L0101 

Medieval Drama 

M10-12, W10 

M. Sergi 

 ENG340H1F - L0101

 Modern Drama

T10-12, R10


ENG341H1S - L0101 

 Post-Modern Drama

 T12-12, R10


 ENG347Y1Y - L0101

 Victorian Literature

 M11-1, W11

H. Li 

 ENG348Y1Y - L0101

Modern Poetry to 1960 

T10, R10-12 

M. Woodland

 ENG350H1F - L0101

Early Canadian Literature 

T10-12, R11 

N. Mount 

 ENG353Y1Y - L0101

Canadian Fiction 

M11, W11-1

V. Visvis

ENG354Y1Y - L5101 

Canadian Poetry 


V. Visvis 

 ENG357H1S - L0101

New Writing Canada 

T11, R11-1 

T. Aguila-Way 

 ENG363Y1Y - L5101

American Literature to 1900 

M3-5, W3

P. Downes

 ENG365H1S - L5101

Contemporary American Fiction 


R. Boyagoda

ENG371H1F - L0101 

Special Topics: Indigenous Women's Writing

 T11-1, R11

 C. Suzack

ENG371H1S - L0101 

Special Topics: Postcolonial, Indigenous, Transnational Literature 

 M1-3, W2 


ENG373H1F - L5101  

Special Topics: Falling in Love With The Renaissance

M9-11, W9

C. Warley

ENG373H1S - L0101 

 Special Topics: Obscure Shakespeare

T1-2, R1-3

M. Teramura

ENG374H1F - L0101 

Special Topics: Staging Islam in English Renaissance Drama

T3-5, R3

K. Williams

 ENG378H1F - L0101

Special Topics: Alice Munro

T3, R3-5

S. Caskey

ENG379H1S - L0101 

Special Topics: Maritime Modernism

T10-12, R10


ENG382Y1Y - L0101 

Literary Theory

 T10-12, R10

 P. Downes

ENG385H1F - L0101 

History of English Language

T11-1, R11-12

C. Percy

ENG388H1S - L5101  

Creative Writing: Poetry


R. McGill

ENG389H1F - L0101  

Creative Writing: Short Fiction 

 M3-5, W3

R. McGill

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