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ENG325H1S L0101

ENG325H1S    L0101    T1-3, R2
Victorian Realist Novels
Prof. C. Schmitt
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Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 728 

Brief Description of Course: This course constitutes an intensive engagement with the characteristic literary achievement of the Victorian period: novels that sought to represent real life. The emphasis throughout will be on grasping that, like any other artistic form, realist novels are structured by (but also experiment with and resist) a set of conventions—even or especially when they give the illusion that they simply present the world “as it is.” By learning to identify and analyze those conventions we will come to a more thorough understanding of the inter-implication of realism and novelistic form; the novel’s vexed relation to notions of the everyday and the ordinary; the place of class, gender, and sexuality in these fictional worlds; and the ideological work of realism.

Required Reading: Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Barton; George Eliot, Middlemarch; Olive Schreiner, The Story of an African Farm; George Gissing, New Grub Street; Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh.

First Three Authors/Texts: Gaskell, Eliot, Schreiner.

Method of Instruction: Primarily lecture, with some time each day set aside for discussion.

Method of Evaluation: Weekly quizzes (10%); Informed participation (10%); two short papers (25% for the first, 30% for the second); term test (25%).

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