Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG435H1F L0101

ENG435H1F     L0101    R3-5
Advanced Studies Group 3
: Collectivity
Dana Seitler

Office Phone: 416-946-3494
Office Location:
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 627

Brief Description of Course: This course sets out to query collectivity. We will read theories of collectivity, community, and sociality, and we will explore literature from the perspective of its collective forms and formations. The project of the seminar is to think both historically and theoretically about the ontology of social forms and how literature can act as site, mediator, and antagonism of these forms. We will consider literature particular to these kinds of formations (the manifesto, the pamphlet, the zine, the collective novel, the short story collection) and we will engage debates about the relations between aesthetics and politics.

Required Reading: TBA.

Method of Evaluation: TBA.

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