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ENG435H1S L0101

ENG435H1S     L0201   T1-3
Advanced Seminar Group 3: Black Epics of the Americas
Instructor: George Elliott Clarke

Office Location:  Jackman Humanities Building, Room 804

Brief Description of Course: We will read approximately eight book-length poems, of which only a minority will be undisputed epics, but all of which will be attempts to reflect upon the New World African experience of slavery, segregation, and/or colonialism. We will canvas works such as Aimé Césaire’s epyllion, Notebook of a Return to My Native Land [in English translation], and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott’s masterpiece, Omeros. We will examine the ways in which various poets, from Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States have attempted to use book-length forms to articulate poetically their respective popular histories and cultures.

Required Reading: Omeros, Notebook of a return to My Native Land, Harlem Gallery.

First Three Authors/Texts: Césaire, Tolson, Walcott.

Method of Evaluation: Essays.

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