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The English Department is undergoing a radical transformation in how it communicates with its students, alumni, and retired faculty. We have a new website and are revamping our department's newsletter, which will be readily available as a PDF for all to view and download. An alumni email listserve is up and running and we extend our former students an invitation to sign up.  We have plans to create an interactive news and events calendar for Alumni, where graduates can post their news and keep in touch with each other and the Department of English.

All of this activity is part of an effort to keep in closer touch with that large community of people who in all sorts of ways are interested in knowing what is happening in English at the University of Toronto. At the core of all our activities is our educational mission to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich history and geographical diversity of the English language and the cultures that have developed from it. English is as diverse as the people who speak it. Communication will help us to strengthen this very diverse community and to allow you to become more actively involved in the excitement and creativity of this community.

The newsletter and our new website are inextricably tied to each other: the events from the new website should be more up-to-date and will inform the content of the newsletter, while the newsletter will be available in digital form for download at any time from the website.

Opening more lines of communication with you will allow us to keep you informed of what is happening in English at the University of Toronto and of upcoming events that may be of interest to you. Hopefully, the website and the Newsletter will allow you to participate more fully in the creativity and excitement of English at the University of Toronto. You may notice that our new website represents a fairly dramatic change from what we had in the past. Where before the website primarily functioned as essentially a relatively stable repository of information, usually updated annually, we have now redesigned it in the hope that it will be visited regularly and often. In addition to providing information about our faculty and staff and about our undergraduate and graduate programs and courses, we are now providing regularly updated news and events notices. If you want to know about English-related events and activities at the University of Toronto, this is the place to go.

The success of English studies at the U of T has always been fundamentally bound up with the success of our students. In the future we want build upon that relationship to further our educational mission and to strengthen the ways in which English can continue to play a valuable role in the lives of our past students.

The newsletter's editor is Wajiha Rasul. Please contact her with any comments or suggestions by email at 

Our faculty and students have participated in a variety of events too numerous to list here. While exemplifying the meaning of diversity, all of these experiences enrich our knowledge of English language and literature.  From the study of Paradise Lost to the latest book launch by one of our grad students, the many metamorphic changes  of  English are traced, explored, analysed and celebrated  in our department.  We invite you to participate, get involved, be entertained, be challenged, and be stimulated!  Visit our events page and calendar of our website regularly, come out,  and get involved!

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We are looking  for Alumni interested in reconnecting with the Department  of English and participating in upcoming events. If you would like to volunteer, please complete our Alumni Survey, or contact: 

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