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Resources for Instructors: COVID-19

The Department of English has created an Online Learning Committee to help instructors with our temporary transition to online teaching (OLC members and contact info below). This page lists resources created for English teachers by English teachers, including members of the committee. Many other resources exist, notably Arts & Science's Online Learning Academy and the Faculty's regularly updated COVID FAQ for undergraduates.


Available inside Quercus, Bb Collaborate is a web-based program best used as a virtual lecture hall for synchronous learning, with options for recording for asynchronous delivery. There is nothing to download, though it must be activated in Quercus. Recommended for medium to large classes, 50-250 capacity.

-- Bb Collaborate: Basics 13m video on setting up and using Bb Collaborate, by Prof. Misha Teramura


Available in free and paid versions from Zoom and approved by the UofT for teaching, Zoom is a simple conferencing program best used as a meeting hub for synchronous learning, with options for recording. Recommended for seminars and classes up to 50.

-- PDF Guide to Zoom Video, by OLC member Nicole Birch-Bayley

-- Intro to Zoom 15m video on setting up and using Zoom, by Prof. Nick Mount 


Available under a University license, Snagit allows you to record your computer screen and audio for asynchronous delivery. Lecture files can be uploaded to a personal drive, YouTube, or a protected UofT MyMedia (recommended) or OneDrive account.

-- Recording Lectures with Snagit. 11m video on using Snagit, posting recordings to MyMedia, and sharing them on Quercus, by Prof. Adam Hammond

-- to download Snagit, click here (UofT credentials required) and follow installation prompts

-- to access your UofT MyMedia server account, click here (UofT credentials required)


- .pdf How to activate online essay submissions in Quercus, by Sean McPhail

- .pdf How to activate Quercus Discussions, by Professor Misha Teramura

- .pdf How to design online exams in Quercus, by Sean McPhail

The English Online Learning Committee

Nicole Birch-Bayley

Danyse Golick

Adam Hammond

Alex Hernandez

Nick Mount (chair)

Misha Teramura

Christina Turner

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