Department of English

University of Toronto

Patrick, Julian

Julian Patrick
Professor of English; Graduate Faculty; Undergraduate Instructor (UTSG)
Office Location: 13071 Roberts Library Stacks
Office Hours and/or Leave Status: Thursdays 3-5, and by appointment

Teaching and Research Interests
Renaissance Non-Dramatic and Dramatic; Modernism/Post-modernism; Theory.

B.A. (Toronto), M.A., Ph.D. (Yale)


Trans., with headnote and commentary, of Rodolphe Gasché, "The Witch Metapsychology," in Returns of the "French Freud": Freud, Lacan, and Beyond, ed. T. Dufresne (1997);

"Words for Windows Perhaps," RAIC (1993);

"Deconstruction and Ideology in Current Literary Theory," UTQ 56 (1986);

"Going Round versus Going Straight to Meaning: The Puzzle of Auden’s ‘Own Bias’, in Lyric Poetry: Beyond New Criticism (1985);

"The Tempest as Supplement," in Centre and Labyrinth (1983).

Current Research

  1. Aesthetics and Politics of Representation, Renaissance and Modern
  2. Relations between Text and Image in Current Literary and Visual Theory
  3. Future of Psychonalytic Discourse


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