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Bennett, Donna

bennettDonna Bennett
Associate Professor of English
University of Toronto at  Scarborough
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Teaching and Research Interests

Canadian literature and criticism; canon theory; media and literature.


B.A. (Harpur College, SUNY Binghamton), M.A. (Connecticut)


Co-ed., A New Anthology of Canadian Literature in English (Oxford University Press, 2002).

Co-ed, Canadian Short Stories (Penguin, 2005). 

“Open. Secret. Telling Time in Alice Munro’s Fiction.” Open Letter 11.9/12.1 (Fall/Winter 2003-04): 185-209.

"‘As the last morning breaks in red’: Frye’s Apocalypse and the Visionary Tradition in Canadian Writing," University of Toronto Quarterly 70.4 (Fall 2001).

"Encroaching on the Canon," Open Letter 9th Ser., Nos. 5-6.

"English Canada’s Postcolonial Complexities," Essays on Canadian Writing 51-52.

"A Feminist by Another Name: Atwood and the Canadian Canon," Teaching Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Other Works (NY: MLA).

Current Research

With regard to Canadian literature: the development of the literary canon and extra-literary elements that help shape it; the dynamic relationships between different kinds of identities: the individual’s sense of self; the family and other local group definitions; national identity and nationhood; and transnational sources of identity. Most recently, the way in which multiple inherited traditions (from three or more sources) shape individuals with this heritage, a process of identity formation that might be called polybridity.


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