Department of English

University of Toronto

Shaw, David

W. David Shaw FRSC,
Professor of English Emeritus
Victoria College

Scholarly and critical interests:
Dramatic monologues, elegies, wisdom writing, philosophy among the poets

Secrets of the Oracle: A History of Wisdom from Zeno to Yeats (University of Toronto Press, 2009)

Babel and the Ivory Tower: The Scholar in an Age of Science (University of Toronto Press, 2005)

Origins of the Monologue: The Hidden God (University of Toronto Press, 1999)

Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Poet in an Age of Theory (Simon and Schuster, 1996)

Elegy and Paradox: Testing the Conventions ( Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994)

Elegy and Silence: The Romantic Legacy (University of Lethbridge Press, 1992). The 1992 F.E.L. Priestley lecture

Victorians and Mystery: Crises of Representation (Cornell University Press, 1990)

The Lucid Veil: Poetic Truth in the Victorian Age (Athlone Press, 1987) and (University of Wisconsin Press, 1987)

Tennyson’s Style (Cornell University Press, 1976)

The Dialectical Temper: The Rhetorical Art of Robert Browning (Cornell University Press, 1968) MLA Book Club Selection

Recent Essays:
“Tennyson and Zeno: Three Infinites,” The “Tennyson at Two Hundred” issue of Victorian Poetry, ed. Herbert F. Tucker, Vol. 47, Spring 2009, pp. 81-99.

“Poetry and Religion,” A Companion to Victorian Poetry. Ed. Richard Cronin et al. (Oxford: Blackwell), pp. 457-74.

Work in progress:
The Victorian poets and Shakespeare; Frost and William James

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