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Wells, Ira

Ira WellsIra_wells
Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator, Victoria University;
Undergraduate Instructor
Office Phone: 416-585-4514
Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 905
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12-1pm  or by appointment
Research and Teaching Interests
Contemporary literature; 20th Century Cultural History; Undergraduate Research


Fighting Words: Polemics and Social Change in American Naturalism. University of Alabama Press, 2013

Essays and Articles

“Why Canada’s New Cultural Policy Will be Terrible for the Arts.” The Walrus, October 2017.

“The Unwitting Role of the Canadian Media in Marketing Hatred.” The Walrus, August 2017

“Omar Khadr and Canada’s War on Terror.” The Walrus, July 2017

“Socialism is Back. Is the NDP Listening?” The Walrus, June 2017

“The Age of Offense.” Literary Review of Canada, April 2017

“Jokerman: The Perverse Genius of Bob Dylan.” Globe and Mail, October 13, 2016

“Toy Story.” [Review of The Force Awakens] Los Angeles Review of Books (April, 2016)

“The Full-Spectrum Loser.” [Review of Rick Moody’s Hotels of North America] Los Angeles Review of Books (January, 2016)

“We Need to Make Canada Boring Again, and Abandon the Politics of Paranoia.” The Guardian, October 8, 2015.

“Mr. Difficult Rejects his Title.” [Review of Jonathan Franzen’s Purity] Los Angeles Review of Books (September, 2015)

“Forgetting Lolita: How Nabokov’s Victim Became an American Fantasy.” The New Republic (July / August 2015), p. 70-73.

“Jonathan Lethem, the Elephant Man.” [Review of Jonathan Lethem’s Lucky Alan] Los Angeles Review of Books (April, 2015)

“Epic Noir.” [Review of James Ellroy’s Perfidia] Los Angeles Review of Books (January 2015)

“No Hostages Through These Doors: Prison Literature and the Politics of PEN.” Canadian Review of American Studies, Fall 2014.

“Freaks & Geeks.” [Review of William T. Vollmann’s Last Stories and Other Stories] Los Angeles Review of Books (August 2014)

“A Sublimer Sort of Clownishness: Nationalism as a Joke.” The Puritan, Spring 2014.

“The Departed.” [Review of Robert Stone’s Death of the Black-Haired Girl] Los Angeles Review of Books (December 2013)

“America Through the Lens of its Superheroes.” National Post, June 14, 2013.

“Why did David Petraeus Cheat?” National Post, Nov. 26, 2012

“‘What I Killed For, I Am’: Domestic Terror in Richard Wright’s America.” American Quarterly 62.4 (December 2010)

“Swinging Modernism: Porter and Sinatra Beneath the Skin.” University of Toronto Quarterly 79.3 (July 2010)

“Bob Dylan’s Floods,” Popular Music and Society 32.2 With Murray Leeder. (May 2009)

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