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 The Jack McClelland Writer-in-Residence


John Gordon "Jack" McClelland (1922 - 2004)


John Gordon "Jack" McClelland (1922 - 2004)

Each year the University of Toronto appoints a Canadian writer to work with students, faculty and staff interested in creative writing. From January to April, the Writer-in-Residence offers a seminar on creative writing and holds office hours for consultations on writing. The Jack McClelland Writer-in-Residence Program is housed at Massey College and is jointly sponsored by Massey and the Department of English.


Jack McClelland Writers-in-Residence


2013-14           David Bezmozgis
2012-13           Joy Kogawa
Michael Winter

2010-11           Barbara Gowdy

2009-10           Michael Redhill

2008-09           Christopher Dewdney

2007-08           David Gilmour

2006-07           Don McKay

2005-06           Camilla Gibb

2004-05           George Fetherling

2003-04           Steven Heighton

2002-03           Albert F. Moritz

2001-02           Kildare Dobbs

2000-01           Austin Clarke

1999-00           Erin Mouré

1998-99           Sarah Ellis

1997-98           Roo Borson

1996-97           Jane Urquhart

1995-96           Tom Wayman

1994-95           Susan Musgrave

1993-94           Tomson Highway

Spring 1993    Audrey Thomas

1991-92           Judith Merril

1990-91           Patrick Lane

1989-90           Lorna Crozier

1988-89           Erika Ritter

1987-88           Al Purdy

1986-87           Gwendolyn MacEwen

1985-86           Mary di Michele

1984-85           Leon Rooke

1983-84           Mavis Gallant

Spring 1983    Dorothy Livesay

Fall 1982          Brian Moore

1981-82           Irving Layton

1980-81           Marian Engel

1979-80           Timothy Findley

1978-79           Dennis Lee

1977-78           Carol Bolt

1976-77           John Newlove

1975-76           Adele Wiseman

1974-75           Fletcher Markle

1973-74           W.O. Mitchell

1972-73           Margaret Atwood

Spring 1971    Josef Škvorecký

Fall 1970         R.D.C. Finch

1969-70           Margaret Laurence

1968-69           Jack Ludwig

1965-68           Earle Birney



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