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Your First Graduate Papers - RSVP

ENGLISH MA and MA CRW Students:

Your First Graduate Papers

Thursday, 11 October 2018, from 9:00 am -11:00 am
The Jackman Humanities Building, Room JHB718

Two PhD candidates Nicole Dufoe and Michael Reid, along with Professor Nick Mount, Acting Associate Director MA Program, will host a discussion about your first graduate papers. 

They will share some of their own strategies for:
  • Entering scholarly conversations;
  • Starting the writing process;
  • Finding and citing sources;
  • Revising and editing your work;
  • Managing time;
  • Managing stress;
  • Having a life.

They will also remind MA students of the great resources around the university. These include professors and fellow students as well as the libraries; the Academic Success Centre; the SGS Office of English & Writing Support, which offers courses and one-on-one consultations about your writing.

A selection of biscotti, fruit, and other baked goods will be provided! Don't forget to identify any dietary preferences in your RSVP below.


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