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The passing grades used for credit courses in the School of Graduate Studies are: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-.

Procedures for Appealing Grades 

  1. Before making a formal appeal the student will have discussed the problem with the instructor concerned, and, if no conclusion satisfactory to both parties has been reached, will have consulted further with the Director of Graduate Studies, who will attempt to resolve the problem without recourse to the Appeals Committee.
  2. A student wishing to make a formal appeal does so in writing to the Director, outlining briefly reasons for the appeal and supplying the relevant evidence (e.g., papers, examinations, course syllabus).
  3. The instructor concerned makes a written response to the student's appeal.
  4. If no satisfactory resolution has been reached, the appeal is sent to the Appeals Committee, which is made up of three faculty members and two student representatives. Taking into consideration the material in (b) and (c) above, the Committee recommends whether or not to proceed to step e.
  5. The Director asks an anonymous reader to report on the work in question and recommend a mark.
  6. The report of the reader shall be given to the Appeals Committee, which then recommends appropriate action. 

Procedures for Other Appeals

  1. The student should consult with the Director, who will attempt to resolve the problem.
  2. If no satisfactory resolution is found, the student should make a formal, written appeal addressed to the Director, who may then give it to the Appeals Committee.

N.B. A student has the right to appeal any departmental decision to the School of Graduate Studies and, if the problem is still not solved, to appeal further to the SGS Graduate Academic Appeals Board (GAAB). 

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