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Centre for Comparative Literature

Coordinator: U. Esonwanne

The Centre for Ethics

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Context (ETH1000H1Y)

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Context. This course will have an interdisciplinary focus so they would like to spread the word to students in all units. Please see below the course description; interested students can check the Centre for Ethics website or email the Centre’s director, Markus Dubber, for more information:

What? This new year-long, half-credit graduate course exposes students to advanced methods employed in the analysis of ethical issues related to the production, dissemination, and application of AI in a variety of contexts. A diverse team of speakers from a range of academic disciplines including, for instance, computer science; criminology; engineering; law; literary studies; media studies; philosophy; or political science, will model various methodological approaches and modes of analysis. Students will write three short responses each semester to specific presentations, and participate in group discussions of the scheduled guest lectures. (CR/NCR)

When? Tuesdays, 3-6pm; Dates: TBD (roughly bi-weekly during Fall and Spring, check the Centre for Ethics website for details)

Where? Centre for Ethics, 200 Larkin

Centre for Medieval Studies

MST 1101HSum Codicology/A. Gillespie (PR: MST 1104H or MST 1105H)




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