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Texts, Theories, and Archives
D. White 

*NOTE: As of September 2011, this course is now a required course for all 1st year Ph.D. Students and 2nd year Ph.D.U (Direct Entry) Students. This course is restricted to English Doctoral students.

Course Description:
A general introduction to research methods and scholarly practice; textual and editorial problems; physical bibliography; the history of the book.

Course Reading List:
A list of recommended reading and the required exercises will be distributed at the first class. The Department's Check Lists of Scholarship keyed to the University of Toronto Library will be available on line.

Course Method of Evaluation and Course Requirements:
Annotated Bibliography 40%; Seminar Proposal 40%; Participation 20%.

Term: F-TERM (September 2020 to December 2020)
Date/Time: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Fridays
via teleconferencing.  Link to be sent to students directly by the instructor.  

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Professional Development
H. Murray 

**NOTE: This course is open only to 4th year Ph.D., and 4th or 5th year Ph.D. U. English students-- for whom it's MANDATORY.

Course Description:
This course is intended to prepare University of Toronto Ph.D. students in English for the job search and more generally to provide them with an introduction to the professional skills that will be part of their lives after they finish the Ph.D. The course will meet the equivalent of 13 2-hour sessions, on selected Thursday afternoons through the academic year. Individual sessions will include the following topics: The Shape of the Profession; An Overview of the Academic Job Search and its Documents; Setting Up a Dossier; Preparing Letters of Application and C.V.s; The Teaching Dossier; Interviewing; Campus Visits and Job Talks; The Publication of Academic Research; An Assessment 0f the Year's Job Searches at U. of T. and Postdoctoral Fellowships. There will also be a session on Non-Academic Jobs (Publishing and Other Alternatives).

Course Method of Evaluation and Course Requirements:
Most classes will feature the instructor and various guest faculty members discussing the announced topics. Guests from the Toronto publishing community and previous Ph.D. students will join the sessions on non-academic employment. Students wishing to receive a notation on their transcripts should register for the course.

  • Exercise 1: 40% 
  • Exercise 2: 40%
  • Participation: 20%
  • Term: Y-TERM(both Fall/First and Spring/Second Terms: September 2020 - April 2021)
    Date/Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Thursdays  
    (SYNCHRONOUS), via teleconferencing.  Link to be sent to students directly by the instructor.

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    Professing Literature
    K. Larson

    ***Note: As of September 2020, this course will be limited to 3rd year English Ph.D. students and 4th year Ph.D. U. students, for whom it is mandatory.

    Course Description:
    This seminar, required of Year 3 doctoral students, centres on the teaching of literature in English within the university context, with a particular focus on the undergraduate level. Assisted by faculty members and recent alumni who have been recognized for their teaching, we will explore what it means to "profess literature" within-and beyond-the contemporary academy. We will be devoting particular attention to questions of equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and decolonization, and considering how the COVID-19 context is reshaping teaching and learning. Class discussions will combine attention to theories of pedagogy with consideration of teaching as a dynamic, ongoing, collaborative, critical, and creative practice. Assignments, practical in focus and benefiting from peer review, will invite students to reflect on their own approaches to teaching and learning and to produce the foundational documents for a personal teaching portfolio. Ultimately, the seminar aims to generate a tangible set of teaching resources for participants' professional development, while also constituting an open, inclusive, and supportive setting for the frank discussion of the challenges and rewards that teaching at the university level entails. (Credit/Non-credit)

    Course Reading List:
    Weekly short readings and related pedagogical resources.

    Course Method of Evaluation and Course Requirements:
    Credit in this course will be achieved by successfully completing all of the following:

    Regular attendance and active, informed participation in seminar discussion and peer review workshop
    Development of a syllabus and related course assignment
    Development of a 2-3 page statement of teaching philosophy
    Submission of these materials as a draft teaching dossier

    Term: S-TERM (January 2021 to April 2021)
    Date/Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Wednesdays (CHANGED TO NEW DAY & TIME)

    Location: ONLINE DELIVERY (SYNCHRONOUS), via teleconferencing.  Link to be sent to students directly by the instructor.

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