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Students applying for OGS or SSHRC, and Students who already submitted transcripts with a grant application for a competition for 2020-2021, 2021-2022 or 2022-2023:

OGS and SSHRC applicants are required to upload PDF copies of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions to the on-line applications. Because the English Offices are required to have copies of up-to-date non-University of Toronto transcripts that are in student files, we can make scans of these for the students to use in their grant applications. Therefore, current Graduate English students have already submitted official transcripts to our Department with their applications for admission to our programs may request pdf copies from the graduate assistant's office. To request scans of your transcripts for your OGS application, please complete the questionnaire below.

For OGS applications only, and regarding University of Toronto transcripts ONLY, you may create and upload a pdf of your ACADEMIC HISTORY from ACORN. HOWEVER, your name must be included on that pdf.

For SSHRC CGS M, and DOCTORAL SSHRC / CGS D applications, scans of official transcripts, formatted as per the online instructions, are required from all post-secondary institutions including the University of Toronto.

If you do not have a scanner, you may order an official copy of your UofT transcripts from the registrar and we will scan them for must order official University of Toronto transcripts (after you have registered and enrolled for September), and scan these to the SSHRC required dimensions and format.

The University of Toronto is now producing Official Digital BLUE RIBBON transcripts. These may be used in stead of scanned paper transcripts. They can be ordered delivered to yourself, or to Marguerite (, particularly if she is going to be combining these digital transcripts with other official transcripts for you. If ordering official paper transcripts, these must be in sealed transcript envelopes should be brought to Marguerite for scanning and formatting.

You may also order the transcripts from the U of T registrar, and bring them to the graduate assistant's office for scanning (JHB 603 or leave in the DROP BOX on the 6th floor). Please allow a few days to process these requests. Do not use on-line ACORN-like Academic Histories or transcripts for DOCTORAL SSHRC / CGS D or SSHRC CGS M, or your application will be deemed ineligible.

1) transcripts MUST be clearly legible and the legend MUST also be scanned.  If the transcripts are two-sided, both sides must be scanned. Scans and/or screen captures should be uploaded to the OGS application in pdf format. There is a MAXIMUM MB size and a standard document size for each agency that must be adhered to or the application will be corrupted and deemed ineligible.
2) DO NOT USE A MOBILE PHONE APP TO TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR TRANSCRIPTS. Many mobile phones produce images that are too small or askew, and therefore are not acceptable. These images have meant applications are ineligible and disqualified for awards. If you are not able to make a pdf file of your transcripts, please contact Marguerite Perry for assistance at:

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Student Name:
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I am a current graduate student in the Department and English, and my official transcripts are already on file in the English offices.
Please indicate your current Program:
MA ProgramMA CRW ProgramPhD ProgramPhD U Program
Undergraduate ProgramNot currently enrolled in a program
I am applying to Graduate English and not a current student, but I have already submitted hard-copies of my transcripts to the Graduate Assistant, Marguerite Perry or the Administrator, Tanuja Persaud.
Please list ALL post-secondary institutions for which you are requesting pdf scans of transcripts:

We appreciate your patience with this process. Please allow sufficient time for the scanning of your transcripts and the preparation of your pdfs files.  

Please submit this TRANSCIPT REQUEST FORM a minimum of 1 week before your application is due to allow us sufficient time to pull your student records and prepare your pdf scans.  Please allow 2 - 4 days for processing your request.  If you have any difficulty using the on-line form, you may make a request by emailing the same information requested by the form directly to the Graduate Assistant, Marguerite Perry at: 

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