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Sabryna Ruggles Ekstein

MA CRW CandidateEKSTEIN, Sabryna_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Creative Writing, Museum Studies, Food & Beverage Studies

Sabryna R. Ekstein (she/her) is currently working on her MA in Creative Writing, holding a graduate degree in Museum Studies. Her research often centers around intimacy and how people crave it – whether through relations, friendships, or everyday moments. She is also interested in Food and Beverage Studies, specifically through the craft beer and hospitality industry.

List of Publications:

Antonia Facciponte

MA CRW Candidate  FACCIPONTE, Antonia_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Poetic Restructuring

Antonia Facciponte is a poet based in Toronto. Awarded a SSHRC Canadian Graduate Scholarship for her research project “Voice Formation: Reshaping Spoken Word Poetics,” Antonia seeks to formally and thematically remodel spoken word poetics to investigate the ever-evolving human interaction with literary voice(s). Her first poetry collection, To Make a Bridge, is forthcoming in Spring 2021 with Black Moss Press.

List of Publications:

Tamara Frooman

MA CRW Candidate  FROOMAN, Tamara_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Creative Nonfiction, Critical Theory

My work focuses on my personal experience with mental illness and addiction as well as the legacy of mental illness transmitted intergenerationally through my family. I try to make sense of my own life by interpreting it through my heritage. I try to articulate myself through overlapping theoretical lenses with a major emphasis on queer theory. I am interested in the inevitable failure of language to account for the complexities and contradictions of the individual. I am interested in affect, in the gaps between words, their intention, and their interpretation. There is something alluring about attempting to communicate the uncommunicable.

Mina Ivosev  

MA CRW Candidate IVOSEV, Mina_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Literary fiction

Mina Ivosev is a student in the Master’s of Creative Writing program specializing in literary fiction. She is interested in using fiction as a platform for social justice education and will be writing a novel with this aim during her Master’s. Her work has previously been published and awarded in various competitions, most recently winning second place in Hart House’s 2020 Literary Competition for her short story “’LARA’ AS MEN, BOYS, AND GUYS.” She hopes to pursue a career in editing.

List of Publications:

Maxwell Koyama 

MA CRW CandidateKOYAMA, Maxwell_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Fiction
Supervisor: Randy Boyagoda

Once I got lost canoeing in two bogs.


Fawn Parker

Fawn ParkerMA CRW Candidate
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Fiction

Fawn Parker is the author of Set-Point (ARP Books, 2019), Jolie Laide (Palimpsest Press, 2021), and Dumbshow (ARP Books, 2021). Her short story, "FEED MACHINE" was long-listed for the 2020 McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize. 

List of Publications:

Anna J. Stainsby 

Anna J StainsbyMA CRW Candidate
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Fiction/Poetry

By day I work on a novel, by night I design shiny things for Neophyte Jewels. I'm a huge proponent of magical realism, oxford commas, and mixing metals.

List of Publications


Mirjana Villeneuve

MA CRW Candidate VILLENEUVE, Mirjana_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Poetry and Fiction

Mirjana Villeneuve is a writer from Ottawa, with her B.A. and B.Ed from Queen's University. She is especially interested in exploring how shared histories and myths shape the ways we understand ourselves and the world.

List of Publications:
Mirjana's work has been published online and in print, in places such as Maggie Zine, Blank Spaces, Jam and Sand, and the Lake Effect 9 Anthology (Upstart Press, 2019).

Lily Wang

Lily WangMA CRW Candidate
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Fiction and Poetry

Lily Wang wrote Saturn Peach (Gordon Hill Press, 2020) and is still writing.

List of Publications:

Jordan Weir

MA CRW Candidate WEIR, Jordan_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Creative Writing

Currently working on a spiritual novel about loving, leaving, and rediscovering family. Think "ridiculous realism." My mentor says I'm revamping the 'yarn' or the 'tall-tale.' It takes place in the 50s, so I've been talking to a lot of older people about their childhoods and scavenging for Eaton's catalogues at roadside antique shops. It's been a lot of fun! I also write poetry and short fiction. Pronouns are they/them. 


Isabel Yang

MA CRW Candidate YANG, Isabel_Photo
Area of Specialization/Research Interest(s): Poetry

Isabel Yang/Z.Y. Yang/杨振宇 (they/her) is a poet and their work explores experimental lyric form, posthumanism, critical media studies, and race and queer theories. In a previous life they worked in marketing at an independent book publisher.

List of Publications:
Isabel's poems have been published in Room, Contemporary Verse 2, This Magazine, Poetry is Dead and other literary journals across Canada.

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