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Robarts Library We welcome applications from our own M.A. students, students from other recognized institutions, and those applying for Direct Entry into the Ph.D. program from an undergraduate degree. However, it should be noted that admission to the Ph.D. program is highly selective; there are always many more qualified applicants than can be admitted.

Candidates for admission to the Ph.D. program must complete an M.A. in English at this or another university with a standing of A- or better, and must satisfy the Department that they are capable of independent research at an advanced level. The program is designed for completion in four years; it may extend, if necessary, to a maximum of six years.

At first registration, doctoral candidates are assigned an advisor from the graduate faculty of the Department. A thesis supervisor and supervisory committee are appointed in Year 2.

The Ph.D. Program Timeline and Policy on Satisfactory Progress should be reviewed by all students in the Ph.D. Program (NB: click on the link to download this document).


Ph.D.U. admission is granted only occasionally, and is intended for students with an unusual profile. Ph.D.U. admission will be considered in the case of applicants who have been admitted from undergraduate studies to a Ph.D. (or equivalent) in another country. It may be considered for students who lack the required coursework for entry (eg. have completed/are completing a thesis-based MA or MPhil degree), or who have/will have a very specialized master's degree in English (Genre Studies) or a master's degree related to English (Cultural Studies). If in doubt about your eligibility, please contact the Ph.D. Associate Director before applying. 

As of September 2011, Direct Entry students must complete three FCE’s (full course equivalents). Students must complete Critical Topographies: Theory and Practice of Contemporary Literary Studies in English in their first year, plus Texts, Theories, and Archives in their second year with a grade of at least B in each course and an overall A- average. In second year, they must complete the other regular program requirements listed below.


The following program requirements (except for ENG 9500H, which is taken in Year 4) for the Ph.D. are usually completed within the first two years of the program or three years for Direct Entry students.

Students must complete their coursework with an average grade of at least A- for continuation in the program.

Ph.D. students may take up to 1.0 FCE of coursework outside of the Graduate Program in English, with the approval of the Ph.D. Associate Director. 

Courses that are cross-listed by English from other departments are equivalent to English courses and may be taken without special permission from the Department.

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