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18.0 Bibliography and Dictionaries of the English Language

Alston, R. C. A Bibliography of the English Language: From the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800. 12 vols. in 14. Leeds: Amold, privately printed from vol. IY, 1965-. [Z 2015 A2A4--ROBAREF]
Supplement: Additions and Corrections, Volume 1-X List of Libraries,

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Updated by: Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series. Ed. John Simpson and Edmund Weiner. Oxford [England]: Oxford UP, 1993. [PE 1625 M7 1989/Suppl.--ROBAREF #1-2]
The second edition of the OED is available on-line. [U of Toronto Library Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-reference]
Available via on-line CD-ROM at Victoria (E. J. Pratt)
Available on local CD-ROM at University College (Laidlaw), and Trinity College (John W. Graham).

Partridge, Eric. A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English. Ed. Paul Beale. 8th ed. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984. [PE 3721 P3 1984--ROBAREF]

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The 1993 edition is available on-line through the U of T library homepage. [UTLCatalogue; Resources; e-Reference]
The 10th edition Collegiate dictionary (2001) is available through Merriam-Webster On-line. [UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Reference]  

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6 vols. (A-SL) plus facsimiles (SM-TO) published to date.

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A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles. Walter S. Avis, et al. Toronto: Gage, 1967. [PE 3243 D5--ROBAREF]
Also available on CD-ROM [AG 5 D554 REF ROMU]

Bélisle, Louis-Alexandre. Dictionnaire nord-américain de la langue française. Montreal: Beauchemain, c. 1979. [PC 3637 B43 197--ROBAREF]

Bergeron, Léandre. Dictionnaire de la langue québécoise. 2 vols. Montreal: VLB Éditeur, c. 1980-81. [PC 3635 B47--ROBAREF]
Also available on local CD-ROM. [AG7 B47 1980 REF ROMU]
Translated as: The Québécois Dictionary. Toronto: James Lorimer, 1982. [PC 3635 B4713--ROBAREF] Also available on local CD-ROM. [PC 3637 B47 ROMC]

Dulong, Gaston. Larousse dictionnaire des canadianismes. [Montréal]: Larousse, 1989. [PC 3643 D85 1989--ROBAREF]

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New Zealand

The Dictionary of New Zealand English: A Dictionary of New Zealandisms on Historical Principles. Ed. H. W. Orsman. Auckland: Oxford UP, 1997. [PE 3602 Z5D53]

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South African

A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles. Ed. Penny Silva, et al. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1996. [PE 3451 D53 1996--ROBAREF]

Branford, Jean, and William Branford. A Dictionary of South African English. 4th ed. Cape Town: Oxford UP, 1991. [PE 3451 B7 1991--ROBAREF]

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Lewis, Ivor. Sahibs, Nabobs, and Boxwallahs: A Dictionary of the Words of Anglo-India. Delhi: Oxford UP, 1991. [PE 3502 .I64L49 1991]

Muthiah, S. Words in Indian English: A Reader's Guide. New Delhi: INDUS/Harper Collins, 1991.

Yule, Henry, and A.C. Burnell. Dictionary of Indian English. 1886. Ed. G.B.T. Kurian. Madras Indian UP, c. 1966. [PE 3501 Y76 1966 ROBA]

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Allsopp, Richard. Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1996. [PE 3304 D53 1996--ROBAREF]

Cassidy, Frederic Gomes. Dictionary of Jamaican English. 2d ed. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge UP, 1980.

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The Australian National Dictionary: A Dictionary of Australianisms on Historical Principles. Ed. W. S. Ramson. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1988. [PE 3601 Z5A97 1988--ROBAREF]

Australian Words and their Origins. Ed. Joan Hughes. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1989. [PE 3601 Z5A972 1989]

Simes, Gary. A Dictionary of Australian Underworld Slang. Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1993. [PE 3601 Z5S56]

Wilkes, G. A. A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms. 4th ed. South Melbourne: Oxford UP, 1996. [PE 3601 Z5W5 1996--ROBAREF]

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