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21.0 Physical Bibliography

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21.1 Bibliographical Theory & Textual Criticism

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Toronto Conferences on Editorial Problems. A Conference has been held annually since 1965, and the proceedings subsequently published. Conferences, so far, have dealt with the editing of: Sixteenth-Century Texts (1965); Nineteenth-Century Texts (1966); Eighteenth-Century Texts (1967); Editor, Author, and Publisher (1968); Twentieth-Century Texts (1969); Seventeenth-Century Prose (1970); Texts of the Romantic Period (1971); Canadian Texts (1972); Eighteenth-Century Novels (1973); British and American Literature, 1880-1920 (1974); Renaissance Dramatic Texts (1975); Medieval Texts (1976); Nineteenth-Century Fiction (1977); Correspondence (1978); Illustrated Books (1979); Poetry from Spenser to Dryden (1980); Texts in the History of Science and Medicine (1981); The Works of Polymaths (1982); Early English Drama (1983); Editing, Publishing and Computer Technology (1984); Editing and Editors: A Retrospect (1985); Modern Economists (1986); Greek and Latin Texts (1987); Texts of the English Renaissance (1988); Challenges, Projects, Texts; Canadian Editing/Défis, Projets et Textes (1989); Music Discourse from Classical to Early Modern Times; Editing and Translating Texts (1990); The Politics of Editing Medieval Texts (1991); Critical Issues in Editing Exploration Texts (1992); Editing Early and Historical Atlases (1993); Editing Texts from the Age of Erasmus (1994); Editing Women (1995); Talking on the Page: Editing Aboriginal Oral Texts (1996). [PN 162 E3 1965-69; PN 162 C62 1970-]

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21.2 Publishing History and History of the Book

21.2.1 General Histories

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Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Mar. 1-May 25, 2001.

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21.2.2 Indexes, etc., of Printers and Booksellers, 1475-1900
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21.2.3 Printing

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21.2.4 Typography

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21.2.5 Binders and Binding, 1648-1900

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21.2.6 Paper

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21.2.7 Handwriting

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