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3.0 Standard Bibliographies of English Literature and Scholarship

Wortman, William. A Guide to Serial Bibliographies for Modern Literatures. 2nd ed. New York: MLA, 1995. [Z 6519 W67 1995--ROBAREF]


(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose)

Howard-Hill, T[revor] H. Index to British Literary Bibliography. Vols. 1-2, 4-9. Oxford: Clarendon; New York: Oxford UP, 1969-99. [Z 2011 A1H6--ROBAREF]
Vol. 1 Bibliography of British Literary Traditions (2nd ed., 1987). Supplement published at the end of Vol. 2.
Vol. 2 Shakespearian Bibliography and Textual Criticism (1971).
Vols. 4, 5 British Bibliography and Textual Criticism (1979).
Vol. 6 British Literary Bibliography and Textual Criticism, 1890-1969: An Index (1980)
Vol. 7 British Literary Bibliography, 1970-1979 (1992).
Vol. 8 British Literary Bibliography, 1980-1989. (1999).

Mellown, Elgin W. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Bibliographies of Twentieth Century British Poets, Novelists, and Dramatists. 2nd ed. Troy, NY: Whitston, 1978. [Z 2013 M45 1978--ROBAREF]

The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature [NCBEL]. Ed. George Watson, et al. 5 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1969-1977. [Z 2011 N45--ROBAREF]
Vol. 3, 1800-1900 (1969); Vol. 2, 1660-1800 (1971); Vol. 4, 1900-1950 (1972); Vol. 1, 1600-1660 (1974); Vol. 5, Index (1977). NCBEL does not altogether supersede The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature [CBEL], 4 vols., 1940, and Supplement, 1957. In the new volume 3 some of the "non-literary" and "barely literary" sections have been cut out, as have "sections on the literatures of certain Commonwealth states." The Shorter New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, a condensation, was published in 1981. [Z 2011 N452]

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(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose

Blanck, Jacob, et al. Bibliography of American Literature. 9 vols. New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 1955-91. [Z 1225 B55--ROBAREF]

Bruccoli, Matthew J., gen. ed. First Printings of American Authors: Contributions Toward Descriptive Checklists. 5 vols. Detroit, MI: Gale, 1977-87. [Z 1231 F5F57]

Bryer, Jackson R., ed. Sixteen Modern American Authors. 2 vols. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1974-90. [PS 221 F45--ROBAREF]
The earlier volume is in the stacks [PS 221 F45 1974]. S. Anderson, W. Cather, H. Crane, Dreiser, T. S. Eliot, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Frost, Hemingway, O'Neill, Pound, E. A. Robinson, Steinbeck, W. Stevens, W. C. Williams, and T. Wolfe.

Facts on File Bibliography of American Fiction: 1866-1918. 2 vols. Ed. James Nagel and Gwen L. Nagel. New York: Facts on File, 1993. [Z 1231 F4F3325 1993--ROBAREF]

Facts on File Bibliography of American Fiction, 1919-1988. Ed. Matthew J. Bruccoli and Judith S. Baughman. New York: Facts on File, 1991. [Z 1231 F4F333 1991--ROBAREF]

Facts on File Bibliography of American Fiction through 1865. Ed. Kent P. Ljungquist and Judith S. Baughman. New York: Facts on File, c. 1994. [Z 1231 F332 1994--ROBAREF]

Harbert, Earl N., and Robert A. Rees, eds. Fifteen American Authors Before 1900. Rev. ed. Madison, Wl: U of Wisconsin P, 1984. [PS 201 R38--ROBAREF]

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Leary, Lewis Gaston. Articles on American Literature. 3 vols. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1954-79. [Z 1225 L49, 1954; Z 1225 L492 1970; Z 1225 L525 1979]
Vol. 1 1900-1950; Vol. 2 1950-67; Vol. 3 1968-75. Cumulations of the annual bibliography published in American Literature. [Z 1225 H35]

Spiller, Robert E., et al., eds. Literary History of the United States. 4th ed. 2 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1974. [PS 88 L52 1974--ROBAREF]
Vol. 2 is the bibliography.

Winship, Michael, comp. Bibliography of American Literature: A Selective Index. Golden, Colo.: North American, 1995. [Z 1225 B55 Index--ROBAREF]

Winship, Michael, and Philip B. Eppard. Epitome of Bibliography of Americian Literature. Golden, Colo.: North American, 1995. [Z 1225 W74 1995]

Woodress, James, ed. Eight American Authors: A Review of Research and Criticism. Rev. ed. New York: Norton, 1971. [PS 201 E4 1971--ROBAREF]

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(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose)

Delisle, Jean, et al. La Traduction au Canada, 1534-1984/Translation in Canada, 1534-1984. Ottawa: U of Ottawa P, 1987. [Z 7004 T72D45 1987--ROBAREF]

Kandiuk, Mazy. French-Canadian Authors: A Bibliography of Their Works and of English-Language Criticism. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1990. [Z 1377 F8K35 1990--ROBAREF]

Klinck, Carl F., gen. ed. Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English. 2nd ed. 4 vols. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1976-90. [PS 8063 K55 1976--ROBAREF]
Especially valuable for bibliographies.

Lecker, Robert. English-Canadian Literary Anthologies: An Enumerative Bibliography. Teeswater, ON: Reference, 1997. [Z 1375 L43 1997]

Lecker, Robert, and Jack David, eds. The Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors. 8 vols. Downsview, ON: ECW, 1979-94. [Z 1375 L43--ROBAREF]
Bibliographies of individual authors also available separately.

---, eds. The New Canadian Anthology: Poetry and Short Fiction in English. Toronto: Nelson, 1988. [PS 8233 N49 1988]
Includes bibliographies for all authors.

Mezei, Kathy. Bibliography of Criticism on English and French Literary Translations in Canada: 1950-1986, Annotated/Bibliographie de la critique des traductions littéraires anglaises et françaises au Canada: de 1950 à 1986, avec commentaires. Ottawa: U of Ottawa P, 1988. [Z 1377 F8M49 1988--ROBAREF]

Moyles, Robert G. English-Canadian Literature to 1900: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit, MI: Gale, 1976. [Z 1375 M693--ROBAREF]

Sirois, Antoine, et al., eds. Bibliography of Studies in Comparative Canadian Literature/Bibliographie d'études de littérature canadienne comparée: 1930-1987. Sherbrooke: Dépt. des letters et communications, U de Sherbrooke, 1989. [Z 1377 F8B5 1989--ROBAREF]

Stratford, Philip. Bibliography of Canadian Books in Translation: French to English and English to French/Bibliographie de livres canadiens.... 2nd ed. Ottawa: Committee on Translation, Humanities Research Council of Canada, 1977. [Z 1379 T7N485 1977--ROBAREF]

Thierman, Lois M., comp. Index to Vernon Blair Rhodenizer's Canadian Literature in English. Edmonton: La Survivance, [1968]. [Z 1374 R56 Index--ROBAREF]

Watters, Reginald Eyre. A Checklist of Canadian Literature and Background Materials, 1628-1960. 2nd ed. Toronto: U of Toronto P, c. 1972. [Z 1375 W3 1972--ROBAREF]

Watters, Reginald Eyre, and Inglis F. Bell, comps. On Canadian Literature, 1806-1960: A Check List of Articles, Books, and Theses on English-Canadian Literature, its Authors, and Language. Rpt. with corr. and addn. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1973. [Z 1375 W33--ROBAREF]

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World Literature
Adey, David, et al, comp. Companion to South African English Literature. [South Africa]: Ad. Donker, 1986. [PR 9350.2 C66 1986--ROBAREF]

Ashcroft, Bill. The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literatures. London: Routledge, 1989. [PR 9080 A74 1989]
See bibliography.

Berrian, Brenda F. Bibliography of African Women Writers and Journalists. Washington, DC: Three Continents, c. 1985. [Z 3508 L5B47 1985--ROBAREF]

Dunton, Chris. Nigerian Theatre in English: A Critical Bibliography. London: Hans Zell, 1998. [Z 3707 D86 1998--ROBAREF]

Fenwick, M. J. Writers of the Caribbean and Central America: A Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1992. [Z 1595 F46 1992--ROBAREF]

Goslinga, Marian. Caribbean Literature: A Bibliography. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 1998. [Z 1595 G69 1998--ROBAREF]

Killam, Douglas, and Ruth Rowe, eds. The Companion to African Literatures. Oxford: J. Currey; Bloomington: Indiana UP, c. 2000. [PR 9340 C65 2000--ROBAREF]

King, Bruce. ed. New National and Post-Colonial Literatures: An Introduction. Oxford : Clarendon Press; New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. [PR 9080 N49 1996]
See his bibliography.

Lindfors, Bernth. Black-African Literature in English: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit, MI: Gale, c. 1979. [Z 3508 L5L56--ROBAREF]
Supplemented by:
---. Black African Literature in English: 1977-1981. New York: Africana, 1986.
---. Black African Literature in English: 1982-1986. London; New York: Hans Zell, 1989. [Z 3508 L5L56 Suppl.2--ROBAREF]
---. Black African Literature in English: 1987-1991. London; New Jersey: Hans Zell, 1995. [Z 3508 L5L56 Suppl. 3--ROBAREF]
---. Black African Literature in English: 1992-1996. Oxford: Hans Zell, 2000. [Z 3508 L5L56 Suppl. 4--ROBAREF]

New, William H. Critical Writings on Commonwealth Literatures: A Selective Bibliography to 1970. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State UP, [1975]. [Z 2000.9 N48]

Paravisini-Gebert, Lizabeth, and Olga Torres-Seda. Women Novelists: An Annotated Critical Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1993. [Z 1595 P37 1993--ROBAREF]

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Medieval Studies

(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose

Greenfield, Stanley B., and Fred C. Robinson. A Bibliography of Publications on Old English Literature to the End of 1972. London: Manchester UP, 1980. [Z 2012 G83--ROBAREF]

Iter. U of Toronto.
Contains a searchable bibliography of articles and reviews drawn from 518 journal titles. Additional bibliographies are planned for conference proceedings, dissertations, festschrifts, collections of essays.

Severs, J. Burke, and Albert E. Hartung, eds. A Manual of the Writings in Middle English: 1050-1500. 9 vols. Camden, CT: Published for the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences by Archon Books-Shoe String, 1967-95. [PR 255 M3--ROBAREF]

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Renaissance Studies

(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose)

Tannenbaum, Samuel Aaron, and Dorothy R. Tannenbaum. Elizabethan Bibliographies: 1937-50. Rpt. 10 vols. Port Washington, NY: Kennikat, 1967. [Z 2012 T3 1967]

Ziegler, Georgianna. Early Modern Women Online: An Annotated Bibliography.

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Restoration & 18th-Century Studies

(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose

Glock, Waldo S. Eighteenth-Century English Literary Studies: A Bibliography. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1984. [Z 2012 G56 1984--ROBAREF]

Lund, Roger D. Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century English Literature, 1660-1740: A Selected Bibliography of Resource Materials. New York: MLA, 1980. [Z 2012 L88--ROBAREF]

Spector, Robert D., comp. Backgrounds to Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Literature: An Annotated Bibliographical Guide to Modern Scholarship. Bibliographies and Indexes in World Literature. 17. New York: Greenwood, 1989. [Z 2012 S65 1989]

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(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose

Houtchens, Carolyn Washburn, and Lawrence Huston Houtchens. The English Romantic Poets and Essayists: A Review of Research and Criticism. Rev. ed. Revolving Fund Series. 21. New York: Publ. for the MLA by New York UP, 1966. [PR 590 H65 1966--ROBAREF]

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19th & 20th Centuries

(see also Drama, Poetry, Prose

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