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4.0 Annual Bibliographies of Literary Scholarship

4.1 All Periods

4.2 Period Bibliographies

4.3 National Literature Bibliographies

4.1 All Periods

Academic Abstracts (CD-ROM) 1984-92. [currently only at Erindale College Library.]
Contains citations with abstracts to articles published in nearly 800 periodicals including the N.Y. Times. Includes the complete text of thousands of Magill Book Reviews.

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL). 1920-97. London: Modern Humanities Research Assn., 1921-97. Annual. [Z 2011 M69--ROBAREF, shelf range 28, behind Index Table no.2]
Now available on-line through Literature On-line. ProQuest Information and Learning Company. [U of T Library Home Page; UCAT; Resources; e-Books]  

Arts & Humanities Citation Index. 1975- . Philadelphia, PA: Institute for Scientific Information, 1978- . Semiannual. [A1 3 A6--Gen. Ref., Index Table no. 2]
Now available on-line through Web of Science. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Indexes; Web of Science; Full Search]

British Humanities Index 1962- . London: Bowker-Saur, 1963- . Quarterly, with annual cumulations. [A1 3 E752 02--ROBAREF, Index Table No. 21]
Available on-line. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Indexes]

Essay and General Literature Index. 1931-1999. New York: Wilson, 1931-1999. Semiannual, with annual and larger cumulations. [A1 3 E752 02--ROBAREF]
On-line since 1985, published by H. W. Wilson. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Indexes]

Expanded Academic. INFOTRAC: Gale Research Group, 1980- .
Combines popular and academic periodicals. Available on-line [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Cat; Resources; e-Indexes]  

Humanities Index see Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature Supplement below.

MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures. 1921- . New York: MLA, 1922- . Annual. [Z 7006 M639, M64A--ROBAREF]
This bibliography was published annually as part of PMLA until 1968. A set of collected reprints is kept in the Reference Section. Available on-line from 1963 to the present. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Reference]

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature Supplement. 1907-19. New York: Wilson, 1913-20. [A1 3 I67--ROBAREF, overflow]
Continued as: International Index to Periodicals. 1920-64. New York: Wilson, 1924-65. [A1 3 167--ROBAREF, Index Table No. 2 (and overflow)]
Continued as: Social Sciences and Humanities Index. 1965-73. New York: Wilson, 1966-74. [A1 67A--ROBAREF, Index Table No. 2]
Continued, in part, as: Humanities Index. 1974- . New York: Wilson, 1975- . Quarterly, with annual cumulations. [AT 3 H8--ROBAREF, Index Table No. 2]
Available on-line since 1994 to the present as Humanities Abstracts [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Indexes]

Subject Index to Periodicals. 1915-1961. London: Library Assn., 1919-1962. [A1 3 S8--ROBAREF]
Continued as: British Humanities Index. 1962- . London: Bowker-Saur, 1963- . Quarterly, with annual cumulations. [A1 3 E752 02--ROBAREF, Index Table No. 21]
Available on-line. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Indexes]

The Year's Work in English Studies [YWES]. 1919- . Oxford: Pub. by Blackwell for The English Assn., 1921 - . Annual. [PE 58 E6--ROBAREF]  

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4.2 Period Bibliographies

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Medieval Studies

Anglo-Saxon England. Vol. 1 (1972)- . [DA 152 A6]

International Guide to Medieval Studies: A Quarterly Index to Periodical Literature. 12 vols. 1961-73. Darien, CT: American Bibliographic Service, 1963-78. [Z 6203 I5]

International Medieval Bibliography. 1967- . Leeds: U of Leeds, 1968- . Bi-annual. [Z 6203 I6--ROBAREF]
Available on CD-ROM 1984-93 at ROBAREF.

Old English Newsletter. Vol. I (1967)- . [PE 101 05]

Speculum. Vol. 1 (1926)- . Quarterly bibliography in vols. 9 (1934)-47 (1972). [PN 661 S6]   
1926-95 available on-line.

Studies in the Age of Chaucer. Vol. 1 (1979)- . [PR 1901 S7] 
Chaucer Bibliography Online  

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Renaissance Studies

Bibliographie internationale de l'humanisme et de la renaissance. 1965- . Geneva: Librairie Droz, 1965- . [Z 6207 R4B5--ROBAREF]

Shakespeare Quarterly. Vol. 1 (1950)- . [PR 2885 S63] Annual annotated bibliography now published as a separate bibliography issue.
1950-95 available on-line.

Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. Vol. 1 (1961)- . [PRI S71]
Winter, the "English Renaissance"; Spring, "Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama."
Available on-line from vol. 39 (1999)- . [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Journals] This link is too long to display: Click here, and indexed in Expanded Academic  

Studies in Philology. Vol. 1 (1906)- . [P I S8]
Annual bibliography in vols. 14 (1917)-66 (1969).

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Restoration & 18th-Century Studies

Restoration and 18th Century Theatre Research. Vol. 1 (1962)- . [PN 2000 A1R4]

Philological Quarterly. Vol. 1 (1922)- . [P 1 P55]
Bibliography in vols. 5 (1926)-54 (1975).
Cumulated in: English Literature 1660-1800: A Bibliography of Modern Studies. Comp. for Philological Quarterly by R. S. Crane, et al. 6 vols. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 1950-72. [Z 2012 E6--ROBAREF]
Continued as: The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography. 1975- . New York: AMS, 1978- . [Z 2000 E3--ROBAREF]

Studies in English Literature: 1500-1900. 1961- . [PR 1 S7]
Summer, the "Restoration and Eighteenth Century." Available on-line 1999- This link is too long to display: Click here.

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ELH: A Journal of English Literary History. 1934- . [PR 1 E3]
Bibliography in vols. 4 (1937)-16 (1949).
Continued in: Philological Quarterly. 1922- . [P 1 P551] Bibliography in vols. 29 (1950)- 43 (1964).
Continued in: English Language Notes. 1963- . [PE 1 E53]
Bibliography publ. as a supp. to vol. 3 (1965)-17 (1979). Additional supp. separately bound and shelved in reference. [Z 6520 R6R65--ROBAREF]
Continued as: Erdman, David V., et al., eds. The Romantic Movement: A Selective and Critical Bibliography. 1964- . West Cornwall, CT: Locust Hill, 1964- . [Z 6520 R6R65--ROBAREF]
Reprinted, with cumulated indexes, as: Elkins, A. C., and L. J. Forstner eds. The Romantic Movement Bibliography: 1936-1970: A Master Cumulation. 7 vols. Ann Arbor, MI: Pierian, in assn. with Bowker, 1973. [Z 6520 R6R64--ROBAREF]

Keats-Shelley Journal. 1952- . [PR 4836 A14]
Bibliographies in vols. 1-12 cumulated as: Green, David B., and Edwin G. Wilson, eds. Keats, ShelIey, Byron, Hunt, and Their Circles: A Bibliography. July 1, 1950-June 30, 1962. Lincoln, NE: U of Nebraska P, 1964. [Z 2013 K4]
Bibliographies in vols. 13-25 cumulated as: Hartley, Robert A., ed. Keats, Shelley, Byron, Hunt, and Their Circles: A Bibliography. July, 1962- December 31. 1974. Lincoln, NE: U of Nebraska P, c. 1978. [Z 2013 K413] Currently available on-line from 1994-1999.   

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19th & 20th Centuries

Annual Bibliography Of Victorian Studies. 1976-1984. Edmonton, AB: LITIR Database, 1980- . [Z 2019 A6]
1985- available on CD-ROM at ROBAREF, although it is running about five years late.
Cumulated in Chaudhuri, Brahma, comp. Cumulative Bibliography of Victorian Studies: 1970-1994. 3 vols. Edmonton, AB: LITIR Database, 1988-1995. [Z 2019 A59--ROBAREF]
Chaudburi, Brahma, comp. Cumulated Index to Reviews of Books on Victorian Studies: 1975-1989. Edmonton, AB: LITIR Database, 1990. [Z 2019 C43 1990--ROBAREF]
A searchable database, Victorian Database Online, is available between 1945-99. 

Journal of Modern Literature. 1971- . [PN 2 J6]
1998- available on-line.  

Modern Drama. 1958- . [PN 1861 M55]

Modern Philology. 1903- . [PB I M7]
Bibliography in vols. 30 (1932)-54 (1956).
Continued in: Victorian Studies. 1957- . [PR 463 V5]
Cumulation of Modern Philology and Victorian Studies bibliographies in: Templeman, William D., et al, eds. Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature. 1932-84. 5 vols. New York: AMS, 1945-91. [Z 2013 B587--ROBAREF]

Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. 1961- . [PR1 S7]
Fall, the "Nineteenth Century." Available on-line since 1995- .

Twentieth Century Literature. 1955- . [PN 2 T8]
Quarterly bibliography in vols. 1 (1955)-26 (1980).
Cumulated and expanded in: Pownall, David E. Articles on Twentieth Century Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, 1954 to 1970. An Expanded Cumulation of "Current Bibliography'' in the Journal Twentieth Century Literature, Volume One to Volume Sixteen. 1955 to 1970. 7 vols. New York: Kraus-Thompson, 1973-1980. [Z 6519 P66--ROBAREF]

The Victorian Periodicals Newsletter. No. 1 (Jan. 1968)-Vol. 11 (1978). [PN 5117 V53]
Continued as Victorian Periodicals Review. 1979- . [PN 5117 V532]

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4.3 National Literature Bibliographies


American Literary Scholarship: An Annual. 1963- . Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1965- . [PS 3 A47--ROBAREF]  

American Literature. 1929- . [PS 1 A54]
In 1991, "Current Bibliography" (books and articles) was suspended in favour of "Brief Mention," an annotated bibliography of new books.  or  

Midamerica. 1974- . [PS 273 M5]

Annual bibliography of Midwestern Literature, from vol. 2 (1975)- .
Minorities in America: The Annual Bibliography. 1976- . University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State UP, 1985- . Irregular. [Z 1361 E4M52--ROBAREF]

Mississippi Quarterly. 1948- . [AS 30 M58A2]
Formerly The Social Science News Bulletin (1948-53). Annual bibliography of scholarship on Southern Literature, from vol. 22 (1969)- . Cumulated in: Williams, Jerry T., ed. Southern Literature 1968-1975: A Checklist of Scholarship. Comp. by the Committee on Bibliography of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature. Boston, MA: Hall, 1978. [Z1225 S63--ROBAREF]

Western American Literature. 1966- . [PS 374 W4W4]
Annual bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature.

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Canadian Literature. 1959- . [PS 8001 C3]
Bibliography in: nos. 3-48 (1960-71). Bound separately at [Z 1375 C3--ROBAREF].
Continued by: Essays on Canadian Writing. 1974 - .
"Bibliography of Canadian Literature" for 1971 (and some extra items for 1970), in no. 9 (1977/78): pp. 190-313. [PS 8001 E77]
Continued by: Journal of Canadian Fiction. 1972- . [PS 8001 J6]
Bibliography for 1973-74 in vol. 3, no. 4 (1975), no. 17/18 (1976). Bound separately at: [Z 1375 C34--ROBAREF]. Available on-line 1999-. This link is too long to display.  Click here.

Canadian Literature Index. 1985-88. Canadian Index Series. Toronto: ECW, 1987-88 . Annual. [Z 1375 C35--ROBAREF, Index Table 2]
Continued as: Canadian Literary Periodicals Index. Teeswater: ON, Reference, 1992, 1997- . Irregular. [Z 1375 C352--ROBAREF]
Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue canadienne de littèrature comparèe. 1974- . [PN 1 C35]
Annual bibliography in vol. 3 (1976)-vol. 15 (1988).

Journal of Commonwealth Literature. 1965- . [PR 1 J6]
Bibliography detached from and published separately as Annual Bibliography of Commonwealth Literature. 1964-77, 1978-81. [Z 2013.3 A6--ROBAREF].

Livres et auteurs québécois. 14 vols. Montreal: Editions Jumonville, 1962-82. [PS 9003 L582--ROBAREF]
Formerly, Livres et auteurs canadiens (1961-68).

Revue d'histoire littèraire du Québec et du Canada français. Vol. 2 (1980-81)- Vol. 14 (1987). [PS 9001 H572--ROBAREF]

University Of Toronto Quarterly. Vol. 1 (1930)- . [AP 5 U55]
Bibliography in annual "Letters in Canada" issue, vol. 5 (1963)- .  
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World Literature

Journal of Commonwealth Literature. 1965- . [PR 1 J6]
Annually, a special issue is devoted to bibliography organized by region (Canada, Australia, India, Africa, West Indies).

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