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6.0 Books in Print


The Cumulative Book Index: A World List of Books in the English Language. 1898-1996. New York: Wilson, 1933-1999. Monthly, with quarterly, annual, and larger cumulations. [Z 1215 U62--ROBAREF]
Formerly, United States Catalog (1898-1927).

International Books in Print: English-Language Titles Published in Africa Asia, Australia, Canada, Continental Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, Oceania, and the Public of Ireland. 1980- . New York: K. G. Saur, 1979- . Biennial. [Z 1011 I5--ROBAREF]
Excludes U.K. and U.S. publications.


Whitaker's Books in Print. 1987- . London: J. Whitaker, 1987- . Annual. [Z 2001 R352--ROBAREF]
Formerly, The Reference Catalogue of Current Literature (1874-1961), and British Books in Print (1962-87).
Available on-line (see Books in Print below)

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Books in Print. 1948- . New Providence, NJ: Bowker, 1948- . Annual, with mid-year supplement from 1957- . [Z 1215 P972--ROBAREF] Available on-line through UTCat.
Includes Authors, Titles, Publishers, Out of Print: Out of Stock Indefinitely. Mid-year Supplement: Author, Title, Subject.
Supplemented by: Subject Guide to Books in Print. 1957- . Providence, NJ: Bowker, 1957- Annually. [Z 1215 P973--ROBAREF]
The combined Books in Print, Subject Guide to Books in Print, and Paperbound Books in Print, as well as Whitaker's Books In Print, are available as Global Books in Print Plus. Note: As a "current" database, Books in Print Plus cannot be searched historically. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-reference]  

Paperbound Books in Print. 1955- . New Providence, NJ: Bowker, 1955- . Bi-annual. [Z 1033 P3P32--ROBAREF]
Available on-line as part of Books in Print Plus (see note under Books in Print).

Small Press Record of Books in Print. 1966- . Paradise, CA: Dustbooks, 1966-95. Annual. [Z 1002 S662--ROBAREF]
Available on-line as Small Press Record of Books in Print: 1997-1998. [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-Reference]
Also available on CD-ROM (1995-97).

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Books in Print Plus: Canadian Edition. Bowker. 2001- .
Available on-line [U of T Library Home Page; UTL Catalogue; Resources; e-reference] 

Canadian Books in Print. 1967- . Toronto: Toronto UP, 1968- . Annual, supplemented by quarterly microfiche updates. [Z 1365 C22213--ROBAREF]
Microfiche housed separately [mfe Z C443--ROBAREF, Fiche Cabinet No. 1].

Les livres disponibles canadiens de langue française. 1987- . Outremont: Bibliodata, 1979- . [Z 1365 L582--ROBAREF]
Quarterly in 3 vols.: Auteurs, titres, and subjects; also issued 10 times a year on microfiche. [Z 1365 L582--ROBAREF]

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