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'So long lives this': Celebrating Shakespeare, 1616-2016 | Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library Exhibition

Location: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

‘So long lives this’: A Celebration of Shakespeare’s Life and Works

25 January-28 May, 2016

Curators: Scott Schofield, Peter Blayney, Alan Galey, and Marjorie Rubright

This exhibition features a selection of Shakespeare's printed plays, from the First Folio of 1623 through to recent Canadian fine press productions.

The year 2016 marks four hundred years since the death of William Shakespeare. To honour this milestone, the Fisher Library will be opening the year with a new exhibition that will explore how Shakespeare's works shaped ideas of the world beyond England, how his plays imagined self and other through language, geography and mythology and how, in turn, the production of atlases, dictionaries, and histories influenced Shakespeare's world-making art. Highlights will include a selection of Shakespeare's printed plays and poems, from the First Folio of 1623 through to recent craft productions, including the sumptuous Play of Pericles (2009-2010) from British Columbia's Barbarian Press. In addition, the exhibition will feature early source material such as Holinshed's Chronicles (1587) and Plutarch's Lives (1579) along with a range of Renaissance genres and forms, from maps to bibles to works of poetry, anatomy and heraldry. Later editions of Shakespeare and experiments with his works will also be prominently featured in the exhibition and accompanying catalogue. 


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