Department of English

University of Toronto

2015-16 Courses

List of All Undergraduate Courses by Course Code
Fall-Winter Session 2015-16

CCR199H1F L0191
CCR199H1F L0192
CCR199Y1Y L0191 
ENG100H1F L5101 
ENG100H1S L5101 
ENG140Y1Y L0101 
ENG150Y1Y L0101
ENG200H1F L0101
ENG201Y1Y L0101
ENG202Y1Y L0101
ENG205H1S L0101
ENG210Y1Y L0101 
ENG213H1S L0101 
ENG215H1F L0101 
ENG215H1S L0101  
ENG220Y1Y L0101   
ENG234H1F L0101
ENG234H1S L0101
ENG235H1F L0101
ENG235H1S L5101
ENG236H1F L0101
ENG237H1F L5101
ENG237H1S L5101
ENG239H1S L0101 
ENG240Y1Y L0101 
ENG250Y1Y L0101  
ENG252Y1Y L0101
ENG270Y1Y L0101 
ENG280H1S L0101
ENG285H1F L0101 
ENG287H1F L0101 
ENG287H1S L5101 
ENG300Y1Y L0101
ENG303H1F L5101
ENG304Y1Y L0101
ENG305H1S L0101
ENG306Y1Y L5101
ENG307H1F L0101
ENG308Y1Y L0101
ENG308Y1Y L0201
ENG311H1F L0101
ENG311H1S L0101
ENG322Y1Y L5101
ENG323H1F L0101  
ENG323H1S L5101 
ENG324Y1Y L0101 
ENG324Y1Y L5101 
ENG325H1F L0101 
ENG325H1S L0101 
ENG328Y1Y L0101
ENG328Y1Y L0201
ENG329H1F L0101
ENG329H1S L5101 
ENG330H1S L0101 
ENG331H1F L0101 
ENG335H1S L5101 
ENG336H1F L0101
ENG336H1S L0101
ENG337H1F L0101
ENG340H1F L0101  
ENG341H1S L0101 
ENG347Y1Y L0101 
ENG348Y1Y L0101  
ENG349H1S L0101 
ENG349H1S L0201 
ENG350H1S L0101  
ENG353Y1Y L0101 
ENG353Y1Y L0201 
ENG354Y1Y L5101 
ENG355H1F L0101 
ENG357H1F L0101
ENG359H1S L5101 
ENG363Y1Y L0101 
ENG364Y1Y L0101 
ENG364Y1Y L5101  
ENG365H1F L0101 
ENG365H1F L5101 
ENG365H1S L5101  
ENG368H1F L0101 
ENG370H1F L5101
ENG375H1S L0101  
ENG382Y1Y L0101   
ENG383H1F L0101
ENG383H1S L0101
ENG384Y1Y L0101
ENG385H1F L0101
ENG414H1F L0101 
ENG414H1S L0101 
ENG414H1S L5101
ENG415H1F L0101
ENG424H1F L0101
ENG424H1S L0101
ENG425H1F L5101
ENG425H1F L5201
ENG428H1F L0101
ENG434H1F L0101
ENG435H1F L5101
ENG434H1S L0101 
ENG435H1S L0101
ENG435H1S L0201 
ENG444H1F L0101  
ENG444H1S L0101
ENG445H1F L0101 
ENG445H1S L5101
ENG454H1F L0101
ENG454H1S L0101
ENG455H1F L0101
ENG455H1F L0201
ENG455H1S L0101
ENG455H1S L0201
ENG455H1S L0301

ENG499Y1Y L0101
JEI206H1F L0101

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