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ENG335H1S L5101

ENG335H1S   L5101   W6-9
Drama 1603-1642
Dr. P. Grav
Office Location: 63 St. George Street, Room 310

Brief Description of Course: This course surveys a range of English drama written during the reign of James I (with one additional play from the early years of Charles I), a period marked by both satiric, cynical comedies and at-times horrific tragedies. After starting off with Heywood’s essay on the role of theatre and then a problematic comedy from Shakespeare, we’ll examine works by the major playwrights of this time, including Johnson, Webster and Middleton. In addition to studying the plays as works of literature, this course will also explore how they implicitly document an era in which values were significantly shifting in areas such as the role of theatre, religious beliefs, gender relations, politics and economic thinking.

Required Reading: An Apology for Actors (Heywood); All’s Well that Ends Well (Shakespeare); Volpone (Jonson); The Tragedy of Mariam (Carey); The Duchess of Malfi (Webster); The Roaring Girl (Middleton and Dekker); The Changeling (Middleton and Rowley); A New Way to Pay Old Debts (Massinger); 'Tis Pity She’s a Whore (Ford).

All of the texts listed above except for An Apology for Actors and All’s Well That Ends Well are in the Norton Anthology of English Renaissance Drama, which will be available at the Bob Miller Book Room (180 Bloor St. West, 416-922-3557). Editions of Apology and All’s Well will also be available there. Of course, any reputable version of any of the texts will be acceptable; however, given this being a third-year course, you should be working with versions that have good glossing.

First Three Authors/Texts: An Apology for Actors (Thomas Heywood); All’s Well that Ends Well (Shakespeare ) Volpone (Jonson).

Method of Evaluation: In-class test (15%); term paper outline (5%); term paper (30%); exam (30%); participation and quizzes (20%).

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