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ENG336H1F L0101

ENG336H1F   L0101   T1, R1-3 
Topics in Shakespeare
Instructor: P. Latka
Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room TBA

Brief Description of Course: Students enrolled in this course will investigate the ways that William Shakespeare tests the boundaries of the historical imaginary in four plays: Julius Caesar, Henry IV (part 1), Henry V, and Richard III. Our approach with these four plays will be guided by questions that seek to understand how Shakespeare innovates with his representations of historical leaders, and their performance of leadership. Some questions we will consider include: How are Shakespeare’s Richard III and Henry V aware of their potential to serve as future icons of the English nation’s distant past? How does Shakespeare characterize historical leaders so that they seem to possess an awareness of their participation in a historical narrative set on a looping cycle?

Required Reading: Texts (any editions): Richard III, Julius Caesar, Henry IV (part 1), Henry V.-
the instructor has ordered books through the U of T Bookstore; however, if students already own editions of these plays, they need not buy new books.

First Three Authors/Texts: Richard III, Julius Caesar, Henry IV (part 1)

Method of Evaluation: Assignments: Close reading exercise (15%); assignment (20%); essay (35%), participation (10%), final test (20%).

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