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ENG425H1F L5201

ENG425H1F   L5201   R6-8
Advanced Studies Group 2: The Canadian Graphic Novel
Instructor: Dr. A. Lesk

Office Location: University College, Room 272

Brief Description of Course: Many Canadian graphic novels and comics are based on what might loosely be termed "the outsider" trope. Often rooted (perhaps unsurprisingly, though not exclusively) in autobiographical narratives, these works suggest not only the artist's engagement with the liminal and the transgressive but also how their outsider bearing reflects and reflects upon the larger national psyche. The heterogeneity of the works we are studying offer unique (if not necessarily nationalist or nation-based) perspectives on art and the role of the artist.

Required Reading: A short list includes Julie Doucet, Kate Beaton, Chester Brown, Line Gamache, Bryan Lee O'Malley, and David Collier.

Others TBA. (Check with The Beguiling bookstore, and your Blackboard for updates.)

First Three Authors/Texts:
Brown, Doucet, O'Malley.

Method of Evaluation: Participation, Seminar presentation, short essay, longer essay.

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