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ENG428H1F L0101

ENG428H1F  L0101  R11-1
Advanced Studies Group 2: Margaret Laurence
Instructor: Prof. J. O'Connor

Office Location: St. Michael's College, Car Hall Room 317

Brief Description of Course:
This section of English 428F will deal primarily with the fiction of Margaret Laurence, especially The Tomorrow-tamer and the Manawaka Series; but some attention will also be paid to other works by Laurence such as her autobiography, African novel, children’s stories, travel essays, letters, and literary criticism. Useful background reading might include the following: Laurence’s African novel This Side Jordan; her autobiography Dance on the Earth; and at least one of the major biographies: James King, The Life of Margaret Laurence (1997); Lyall Powers, Alien Heart: The Life and Work of Margaret Laurence (2003); Donez Xiques, Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer (2005); Noelle Boughton, Margaret Laurence: A Gift of Grace: A Spiritual Biography (2006).

Required Reading: The texts will be ordered at the Bob Miller Book Room, 180 Bloor Street West. They will be studied in the following order:

The Tomorrow-tamer (New Canadian Library)
A Bird in the House (NCL)
The Stone Angel (NCL)

A Jest of God (NCL)
The Fire-Dwellers (NCL)
The Diviners (NCL)

Students are strongly encouraged to read as many of these six works as possible before the course begins.

First Three Authors/Texts: TBA.

Method of Evaluation: Informal lecture-discussions with active class participation; student seminars; one 100 word book report (10%); one major 5000 word research paper (50%); one seminar presentation (15%);oral report on the major paper (5%); class participation (20%).

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