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2016-17 Timetable

Faculty of Arts and Science 2016-17 Calendar.

Faculty of Arts and Science Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Course Timetable
(with Room Assignments).

English courses are arranged in four series, each of which indicates the nature and level of work expected. The courses in our 100 series introduce students to the study of English literature at the university level through broad courses that introduce the major literary forms via examples drawn from different times and places. These courses aim to develop writing, reading, and critical skills: essays at the 100 level typically do not require research or secondary sources. Courses in the 200 series introduce specific aspects of the discipline: literature in a specific genre, or literature from a specific place or people. Coursework at the 200 level may require some research and the beginnings of familiarity with scholarship on the subject. At the 300 level, courses advance into a particular period or subject within a literature or literary genre: contemporary American fiction, for instance, or a particular topic in Shakespeare studies. Courses at this level introduce students to research skills and typically require essays that incorporate some secondary sources. Courses in the 400 series are both advanced and focused, unique courses created by Department faculty that often relate to their own research. Courses at the 400 level require a substantial research essay for which the student has significant input into framing the research question.
Department of English Timetables and Course Descriptions (2016-17)





Students should note that changes to scheduling, staffing, reading lists, and methods of evaluation may occur anytime. When possible, changes to the course schedule will appear on ROSI/ACORN. Students should avoid purchasing texts until the reading list is confirmed by the instructor during the first week of classes. Students wishing to read listed texts in advance are advised to use copies available at both the University and public libraries.

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