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ENG418H1F L0101  MW-10-12:
Advanced Seminar Group 1: Anagnorisis and Modern Recognition Theory
Teresa Russo
Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, TBD

Brief Description of Course: This course focuses on classical anagnorisis and modern recognitions in literary, biblical, and philosophical texts. Discussions begin with classical recognition, Aristotle’s definition of a discovery or rising of knowledge (anagnorisis) in the Poetics and moves to modern recognition theories of Hegel, Fichte, and Ricoeur in analyzing issues of identity. Other literary terms include a sense of discovery or progression of nothingness to knowing, such as literary epiphany first coined in Joyce’s Stephen Hero, causing a revolution in the way illuminating moments were studied. Recognition theory also shifts with Hegel’s theory of consciousness to include the understanding of human interaction. This course will explore various theories of recognition and the different ways recognition operates in sacred texts, literature, politics and philosophy, while investigating such topics as repetition, loss and gain, trauma, rupture, separation and reunion, and faith.

Required Reading: TBA.

First Three Authors/Texts: Aristotle, Boitani, Euripies, Genesis 18 and 37-45.

Method of Evaluation: Participation (15%); seminar presentation (25%); prospectus (25%); final essay (35%).

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