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200-Level Undergraduate Course Timetables and Descriptions

English 200-series courses are open to students who have obtained standing in 1.0 ENG FCE or in any 4.0 FCE. Students without these prerequisites may enrol in a 200-series course if they are concurrently enrolled in ENG 110Y1, 140Y1 or 150Y1. Please note that prerequisites and exclusions will be strictly enforced. For room locations and up to date information, please see the Arts and Science Timetable at

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Course Description

Course Title



ENG201Y1Y -  L0101 Reading Poetry

Lec M3-5; Tut W3 or W4

M. Woodland

ENG202Y1Y - L0101 British Literature Medieval to Romantic

Lec T1-3; Tut R1 or R2

C. Balot

ENG210Y1Y -  L0101 The Novel 

M11-1; Tut W11 or W12

T. Dancer

ENG213H1F -  L0101 The Short Story

T3; R3-5

A. Lesk

ENG213H1S -  L0101 The Short Story

T1; R1-3

U. Esonwanne

ENG215H1F -  L0101 Canadian Short Story

T11-1; R11

S. Caskey

ENG215H1S  -  L0101 Canadian Short Story 

T11-1; R11

S. Caskey

ENG220Y1Y -  L0101 Shakespeare

Lec M9-11; Tut W9 or W10

J. Lopez

ENG234H1F -  L0101

Children's Literature


D. Baker

ENG234H1S -  L0101 Children's Literature

T11-1, R11

D. Baker 

ENG235H1F -  L5101 The Graphic Novel


A. Lesk 

ENG235H1S -  L0101 The Graphic Novel 

T3, R3-5


ENG237H1F -  L5101 Science Fiction


M. Johnstone

ENG239H1S -  L5101 Fantasy and Horror


M. Johnstone

ENG240Y1Y -  L0101 Old English


F. Michelet

ENG250Y1Y -  L0101 American Literature

Lec M1-3; Tut W1 or W2

A. Ackerman

ENG252Y1Y -  L0101

Canadian Literature

Lect T3-5; Tut R3 or R4

T. Aguila-Way

ENG270Y1Y -  L0101 Colonial and Postcolonial Writing

T1-3, R1

R. Mehta

 Queer Writing M6-9  M. Cobb 
Critical Approach to Literature  M2-4, W3  G. Henderson 
ENG287H1S -  L0101 The Digital Text

T10, R10-12

A. Hammond

Writing English Essays

Lec M1-3, Tut W1, 2, 3

C. Messenger

200-Level Cross-Listed Courses

The following courses count toward our 2007 and later Programs. English Specialists may count up to 3.0 cross-listed FCE toward their program; Majors, 2.0 FCE; Minors, 1.0 FCE.  Please refer to the relevant department's entry in both the Calendar and Registration Handbook and Timetable for prerequisites, exclusions, priorities and schedule.

Course Description

Course Title

For Details, please see

Voices in Canadian Writing
University College, Canadian Studies Courses

Introduction to Classical Mythology

Department of Classics


Greek and Roman Epic

Department of Classics


Modern Chinese Literature

 Department of East Asian Studies 


Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature

 Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Finnish Studies  


German Literature in Translation

Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures


German Drama in Translation

Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures


Major Italian Authors in Translation: from Dante to Tasso

Department of Italian Studies


Introduction to Italian-Canadian Literature

Department of Italian Studies


Getting Medieval: The Many Medieval Ages

 Centre for Medieval Studies

NMC256H1 1001 Nights Around the World
Near and Middle Eastern Civilization Courses



                  Department of Philosophy


The Russian Novel

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures


Literature of the Ukrainian-Canadian Experience

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures


Russian Short Fiction

 Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures


King Arthur

 St. Michael’s College, Book and Media Studies Courses


Readers and Readerships

St. Michael’s College, Book and Media Studies Courses

Cervantes and Modern Fiction
Spanish Courses

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