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ENG202Y1Y L0101

ENG202Y1Y  L0101   Lecture T1-3; Tutorial R1 OR R2
British Literature: Medieval to Romantic
Prof Carroll Balot
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Office Address: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 825

Brief Description of Course: A survey of English literature, from its beginnings in the Anglo Saxon period through the Romantics, emphasizing movements and periods, formal analysis, and the development of a national literary tradition. Throughout the course we will explore the following topics: (1) Aesthetics: fictiveness, semblance, play, and form (2) History: continuity and change, representations of nature, and modernity (3) Humanity: body, identity, and interiority (4) Relationship: intimacy, aggression, family, and community.

Required Reading: Norton Anthology of English Literature

First Three Authors/Texts: Marie de France, Lanval; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Chaucer, Canterbury Tales.

Method of Instruction: Lecture and tutorials

Method of Evaluation:
 Short essays, term tests

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