Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG239H1S L5101

ENG239H1S L5101 W6-9
Fantasy and Horror
 M. Johnstone

Office Address: Jackman Humanities Building, 803

Brief Description of Course:
 This course will explore how works of fantasy and horror speculate and comment upon the human condition by turning to the mysterious and the monstrous, the fantastic and the supernatural. We will focus specifically on how fantasy and horror confront the boundaries between real and unreal, mundane and magical, self and Other, familiar and strange as a means of addressing themes such as abjection, heroism, identity, power, race, sex/gender, and more. An important question we will consider in the course is, thus, why such narratives have been and remain significant and desired reflections of individual and social, as well as psychological and ideological, experience.

Required Reading: TBA

First Three Authors/Texts: TBA

Method of Instruction: Lecture, discussion, group work.

Method of Evaluation: Essay #1 (20%), Essay #2 (45%), Quiz (10%), In-Class Test (25%).

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