Department of English

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ENG240Y1Y L0101

ENG240Y1Y L0101  MWF11
Old English
Dr. Fabienne Michelet
Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 928

Brief Description of Course: Prepares students to read the oldest English literary forms in the original language. Introduces the earliest English poetry in a woman's voice, expressions of desire, religious fervour, and the agonies of war. Texts, written 680 - 1100, range from the epic of Beowulf the dragon-slayer to ribald riddles.

Required Reading: Bruce Mitchell and Fred C. Robinson, A Guide to Old English, 8th ed. (Oxford: Blackwell, 2012)

First Three Authors/Texts: Ælfric, Alfred, Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Method of Evaluation: Quizzes, test, essay, exam.

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