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ENG359H1F - L5101

ENG359H1F   L5101   T6-9
African-Canadian Literature
Professor George Clarke
Office Location:
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 804 

Brief Description of Course: Incontestably, African-Canadian (or “Black Canadian”) literature has emerged in the last 20 years as a distinctive aspect of Can Lit, distinguished by authors of Pan-African heritage—from the Caribbean, Africa, the United States, and even Canada itself, but all of whom differ strikingly in ideology and philosophy as well as in aesthetics and ethics. The cosmopolitan hybridity of its authors makes African-Canadian literature the most exciting, seductive, dangerous, and radical group of texts available in Can Lit.

Required Reading: A. Clarke, Choosing His Coffin; G. Boyd, Consecrated Ground, D. Laferrière, How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired; D. Brand, Thirsty; D. Sears, Harlem Duet; A. Alexis, Despair; W. Compton, 49th Parallel Psalm; E. Edugyan, Half-Blood Blues.

First Three Authors/Texts: Clarke, Boyd, Laferrière.

Method of Instruction: Lecture, class discussion.

Method of Evaluation: Two essays.

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