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ENG370H1S L5101

ENG370H1S    L5101    M6-9
Postcolonial and Transnational Discourses
Professor Sara Salih
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Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building,  Room 882

Brief Description of Course:
During this half-year course, we’ll be studying fictional, theoretical and non-fictional texts from a variety of contexts and geographical locales. We will survey and discuss some key postcolonial and transnational theories, and we will consider how or whether these might be described as a ‘discourse.’In our discussions, we’ll draw out some of the links between different authors, writings and regions. Among other topics, we’re likely to discuss representations of ‘race’, culture and nation; the ways these might intersect with gender, sex and sexuality; the importance of location; form and style; the written and the oral; myth and tradition; history and politics.We will ponder the usefulness of terms such as ‘postcolonial,’ ‘global,’ ‘transnational,’ and we will try to reach an understanding of what if anything connects these various texts and contexts.We will be working from an anthology of theoretical writings which we will read in conjunction with fiction and film. On the schedule you will find details of which articles and extracts you should read each week, and you should feel free to read more widely in the anthology if you wish to do so.Some of the texts we’ll be reading and discussing are philosophically and conceptually challenging..

Required Reading:Fiction: J.M. Coetzee, Disgrace; Kazuo Ishiguro, An Artist of the Floating World; Jamaica Kincaid, Annie John
Non-fiction: Edward Said, Orientalism; Joe Sacco, Palestine; Anthology to be confirmed.

First Three Authors: Said, anthology.

Method of Instruction: Lecture, discussion 

Method of Evaluation: Essay abstract 25%, abstract workshop 5%, abstract workshop report 5%, mid-term essay40%, in-class essay 25%.

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