Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG415H1S L0201

ENG415H1S    L0201   R9-11
Advanced Studies Group 1: Theories of Translation 
Professor Alan Bewell

Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 830

Brief Description of Course: An examination of the major theories in contemporary translation studies with particular attention to the importance of translation as a cultural practice. Readings will focus on providing students with an understanding of the history of translation and the critical issues currently shaping the field. Specific attention will be given to translation as a cultural activity, that is, a way of being in the world linked to interpretation, ethnicity, gender, immigration, and globalization. Texts will include Benjamin, Borges, Friel, Iser, Bassnet, Lefevere, Rushdie, and Bhabha.

Required Reading: Lawrence Venuti, The Translation Studies Reader, 3rd ed., Routledge, 2012; Brian Friel, Translations (Faber). Additional readings will be assigned. Texts will be available at the Bob Miller Book Room, 180 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 3E7, (416) 922-3557.

Method of Instruction: Seminar

First Three Authors/Texts:  TBA

Method of Evaluation: 
Research/reading journal (25%), research project description (10%), research paper (40%), Blackboard postings (10%), class participation (15%).

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