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ENG434H1S L0101

ENG434H1S   L0101      M10-12
Advanced Seminar Group 3: Religion, Politics, and Crisis in Modern American Fiction
Professor Randy Boyagoda
Office Location: Odette Hall, 128

Brief Description of Course: This course explores fiction by mid-century modern American writers who respond ambivalently to an increasingly secular and atomized age. Drawing in particular on Mark Greif’s recent work concerning “Crisis of Man” discourse during this era, the course will consider how religion and politics produce individual, interpersonal, and national crises of identity and purpose in works by Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin, Mary McCarthy, Flannery O’Connor, Vladimir Nabokov, and Saul Bellow.

Required Reading: TBA

First three texts/authors: Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea; James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain; Mary McCarthy’s The Group.

Method of Instruction: Seminar

Method of Evaluation:

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