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ENG454H1S L0101

ENG454H1S L0101   M10-12
Advanced Studies Group 5: Thinking with Emily Dickinson
Professor Michael Cobb
Office Phone: 416-978-8114
Office Location: University College, 243

Brief Description of Course: This seminar will read much of Emily Dickinson's poetry. But rather than be a comprehensive introduction to the literary historical context of Dickinson and Dickinson scholarship, this course will be an opportunity to put the literary, theoretical, political, theological, material, and affective provocations of Dickinson's work in conversation with any topic, author, area of study, argument, or primary text each seminar participant chooses regardless of period, nationality, genre, prestige, or convention.

Required Reading: The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

First Three Authors/Texts: The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson 

Method of Instruction: Seminar discussion.

Method of Evaluation: Seminar paper, class presentation, and class participation.

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