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University of Toronto

ENG287H1F L5101

ENG287H1F  L5101 TR 6-9
The Digital Text 

Elisa Tersigni
Office Location:
Jackman Humanities Building, Room TBA

Brief Description of Course: This course will examine how literature and literary criticism have changed in “The Digital Age”. We begin the course with the question “what is ‘the digital text?’”, exploring the relationships between analog and digital, print and code, and text and literature. By reading, playing, hacking, and watching both print-turned-digital and born-digital works, we will consider what texts are, how we read them, and what they mean.While the course takes a hands-on approach to studying literature in the digital age, no programming experience is required or expected.

Format of the Course: Some lectures will be shortened from three hours to two hours to allow for practical workshops on topics such as OCRing and computer-assisted textual analysis.

Required Reading: Stephen Ramsey’s Reading Machines, Marie-Laure Ryan’s Hypertext, Henry Jenkins’s Game Design as Narrative Architecture, The Waste Land App, Emily Short’s Galatea, Ishac Bertran’s code {poems}.

Method of Evaluation: Quizzes (15%); computer-assisted textual analysis assignment (15%); born-digital project (25%); participation (10%); final exam (35%).

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