Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG100H1S - L5101

ENG100H1S L5101 R6-9
Effective Writing
A. Lesk

Office Phone: 416-946-3687
Office Location:
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 929

Brief Description of Course: ENG100H is designed to help students from diverse disciplines develop their ability to read critically, think analytically, and write clearly. First and foremost, the course will teach you how to write the kind of clear, well-reasoned prose that is expected at the University of Toronto. In order to meet this objective, you will engage actively in each stage of the writing process three times during the term, with extensive prewriting exercises, drafting work, and post-writing revisions. In so doing, you will improve your ability to write everything from emails and notes to exams and research papers, thus developing writing skills that will be essential in university and beyond.

Required Reading: TBA.

First Three Authors/Texts: TBA.

Method of Evaluation: TBA.

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