Department of English

University of Toronto


ENG102H1S L0101 M2, W2-4
Literature & Sciences
Professor Thom Dancer
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Jackman Humanities Building, Room 713

Brief Description of Course: The course will focus on literature and science as different but similar ways of thinking about the relationship between humans and nature. Therefore, we will read both works of speculative fiction that explore our material and technological world as well as works of scientific writing that use metaphors, narratives, and stories to make their arguments. This course introduces students without a background in literary analysis or writing to basics of analysis, interpretation, and study of literature. It is a course that emphasizes the development of reading and thinking and communication skills.

Required Reading: Ancillary Justice, Leckie; Lightless, C.A. Higgins; The Fifth Season, N.K. Jemisin; Three Body Problem, Cixin Liu; Dark Orbit, Carolyn Gilman; Charles Darwin, The Manhattan Projects, Hickman & Pitarra (subject to change).

First Three Authors/Texts: Leckie; Lui; Higgins (subject to change).

Method of Evaluation: Group work, quizzes, 2 informal written assignments, final exam.

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