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ENG252H1S - L0101

ENG252H1S L0101 T11-1; Tutorials R11 (0101, 0102, 0103) or R12 (0201, 0202)
Introduction to Canadian Literature 
Professor Smaro Kamboureli
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Jackman Humanities Building, Room 924

Brief Description of Course: This course will focus on a selection of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction to examine the various cultural, historical, and political conditions that have shaped the development of Canadian literature in relation to the Canadian nation-state. With particular attention to recurring themes and preoccupations, as well as to the politics of representation and aesthetic and formal concerns, we will study as much the forces that have influenced the Canadian literary canon as those that have questioned it. Beginning with texts that will allow us to explore the colonial implications of “contact” between First Nations peoples and Europeans, we will also study how regionalism, modernism, postmodernism, multiculturalism, racialization, and gender issues have shaped the Canadian literary tradition, as well as how and why we have shifted from CanLit to Canlits

Required Reading: Thomas Wharton, Icefields; SKY Lee, Disappearing Moon Cafe; David Chariandy, Brother; Lee Maracle, Ravensong; Coursepack available digitally: TBA

First Three Authors/Texts: Thomas Wharton, Icefields; SKY Lee, Disappearing Moon Cafe.

Method of Instruction: Lectures and tutorials.

Method of Evaluation: In-class close reading (15%); in-class quiz (15%); essay (35%); exam (35%).

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