Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG308Y1Y - L0201

ENG308Y1Y   L0201  T1-3, R1 
Romantic Poetry and Prose
Professor Alan Bewell

Office Location:
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 925

Brief Description of Course: Representative works from writers living during an extraordinary period in history. Attention will be given to the close reading of these works, with special concern for their literary, philosophical, and social contexts.

Required Reading: Selected poetry from The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Poetry (Broadview Press); Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (Broadview Press); Mary Shelley, Frankenstein (Broadview Press).

Method of Instruction: Lecture/discussion.

Method of Evaluation: Three papers—5-7 pp (15% ), 5-7 pp (15%), and 8-12 pp (20%); in-class test (15%); examination (25%); participation (5%); discussion board contributions (5%). N.B.: Late papers will be penalized 2% per day.

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