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University of Toronto

ENG356Y1Y - L5101

ENG356Y1Y  L5101   T6-9
African Canadian Literature
Professor George E. Clarke
Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 804

Brief Description of Course: This course reads a representative sample of texts by African-Canadian writers to note the various registers and conceptions of black identity dependent on origins, Canadian region, and ethnic affiliations. African-Canadian literature writes a multiculturalism that is subversive; yet, its version of Pan-Africanism is also, arguably, eccentric. We will read the first novel and poetry collections in English, then move into the contemporary period, focusing on works by A. Clarke, D. Brand, L. Hill, D. Laferrière, E. Edugyan, D. Sears, etc., including all genres (poetry, fiction, drama), and never shrinking from discussing issues—slavery, racism, sexism, colonialism, nationalism, imperialism, and homophobia, among others.

Required Reading: One anthology (Locating Home), plus books by a selection of authors, as indicated in the course description above.

First Three Authors: A.E. Johnson, Nathaniel Dett, and Anna Minerva Henderson.

Method of Instruction: Lecture.

Method of Evaluation: Essays.

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