Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG389H1S - L0501

ENG389H1S    L5101    T6-9
Creative Writing
Professor Robert McGill

Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 716

Brief Description of Course: A workshop devoted to the craft of writing short fiction. Topics will include narratorial perspective, plot structure, characterization, genre, setting, and dialogue. Classes will prioritize peer review of students’ work; there will also be discussions of contemporary published texts.

NOTE: Admission is by permission. To be considered, submit one complete short story IN HARD COPY only (5-12 pages, double-spaced) in hard copy to Vala Holmes in the Department of English (JHB 609) by November 1, 2018. Include your name, email address, and student number. No YA fiction or children’s literature, please.

Required Reading: Classmates’ writing; selections of published short fiction.

Method of Instruction: Workshop

Method of Evaluation: Blackboard peer review (10%); class participation (15%); workshop submissions (20%); joint presentation (10%); short writing assignments (20%); portfolio story and preface (25%).

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