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ENG487H1S - L0201

ENG487H1S  L0201   T3-5
Scrutinizing the Long Poem
Professor George E. Clarke
Office Location: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 804

Brief Description of Course: We will read a variety of long poems to explore the diversity of the genre, which encompasses epic proper, the “short” epic (or epyllion), the narrative-lyric suite, the book-length poem, and the verse-novel. The list will concentrate on contemporary works in English, or in translation, with the bulk of the list situated in the Americas.

Required Reading: Course texts representing the range of “long poem” forms.

First Three Authors: Pound, Pisan Cantos, Walcott, Omeros, Philip, Zong!

Method of Instruction: Lecture

Method of Evaluation: Essays

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