Department of English

University of Toronto

ENG100H1F L5101

ENG100H1F L5101 TR 6-9
Effective Writing
Instructor: K. Rodda
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Jackman Humanities Building, Room TBA

Brief Description of Course: ENG100 is a hands-on course designed to equip students to write with clarity and precision, developing the communication skills essential to success in the university and beyond. This course approaches writing as a process and sharpens students’ understanding of how structures of language shape meaning. Students will practice the process of composition through scaffolded assignments, gaining experience in generating ideas, clarifying insights, structuring arguments, composing paragraphs and sentences, revising and editing, and communicating effectively to specific audiences. Each class will also include sessions on resolving common grammar issues and employing best-practice writing strategies.

Required Reading: TBA

Method of Instruction:Lectures (select slides will be posted), in-class writing exercises, peer-review workshops

Method of Evaluation: Assignment 1: diagnostic (10%); Assignment 2: essay proposal/outline (10%); Assignment 3: essay draft (15%); Assignment 4: peer review (10%); Assignment 5: revised essay (20%); Participation (15%); Final Exam (20%).

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