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ENG100H1S L5101

ENG100H1S L5101 MW 6-9
Effective Writing
C. Kelleher
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Jackman Humanities Building, Room JHB 918

Brief Description of Course: This course is designed to impart the fundamentals of critical thinking and analytical writing at the university level. It aims to cultivate the skills necessary for formulating arguments, mobilizing evidence, and organizing thought through stylistic elements into clear and compelling prose. The course will also stress the importance of editing within the larger composition process of outlining, drafting, writing, and revising. Additionally, the course will cover the generic and stylistic conventions followed in different disciplines. While the focus of the course will be largely on matters of organization, apt presentation of argument and evidence, unity, coherence, and diction, matters of grammar and syntax will also inevitably enter into our discussions.

Required Reading: Birkenstein, Cathy and Gerald Graff, They Say / I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing, 4th Ed., 2018.

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Method of Instruction: This is a hands-on, practical, skills-centred course. Instructional lectures with PowerPoint slides will be followed by frequent short exercises completed in class. Reflective class discussions and peer-review workshopping will also be routinely incorporated into courses. Active participation will help to improve general communication, articulation, and writing skills.

Method of Evaluation: Subject to change)in-class writing exercises (4 exercises, 1 page each) 20%; analytical essay assignment (5 pages) 15%; argumentative essay assignment (5 pages) 15%; research essay assignment (5 pages plus works cited) 15%; exam 25%; attendance and participation 10%

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